Inventing Anna Journalist: What Happened To Vivian Kent? 

Vivian Kent is a fictional character based on Jessica Pressler, a writer who wrote the smash Anna Delvey story for The Cut, Maybe She Had So Much Money She Just Lost Track of it. 

Like Vivian, Jessica spent months in jail chatting with Anna and numerous of her connections, and the latest Netflix show was built on her story. 

Similarly, she was also known for writing an article called The Hustlers at Scores for New York, which was nominated for a National Magazine Award in 2015, and the film Hustlers was released in 2019. 

Jessica’s employment offer at Bloomberg was canceled as a result of the tale, just as it was in the Netflix program. 

Where Is Jessica Pressler Now?

Reportedly, Jessica Pressler resides in Queens and continues to work as a staff writer for the New York Magazine. 

Similarly, she is credited with developing the series’ foundation and is also a producer on the show, according to Entertainment Daily. Moreover, she also writes for Elle and contributes to GQ on a regular basis. 

How Old Is Vivian Kent? Age Explored

The top-face at The New York Magazine, Vivian Kent aka Jessica Pressler is in her 40s, as per some sources. 

Nonetheless, we have yet to obtain comprehensive insider information about her precise age and date of birth. 

Vivian Kent Husband: Meet Her On Instagram

According to her Instagram, Vivian Kent is married to her husband, Josh Uhl. She has posted several pictures with her better half on her social media handles with a #strongertogether caption.

Besides, nothing, in general, can be known about their marriage at the time of writing, as the journalist remains pretty secretive about her personal life. Furthermore, she is active on Instagram as @presslerj with around 7k followers.