Where is Christian “Kit” Martin Now?


On November 18, 2015, happily married couple Calvin and Pamela Phillips and their neighbor Edward Dansereau were fatally shot in their Pembroke, Kentucky, locality. While Calvin was found dead in his house the following day, police recovered the remains of his wife and Edward from a burnt-out car in a field, a few miles away. NBC’s ‘Dateline: The Evil That Watches’ examines that after a long while, it came to light that former American Airlines pilot Christian “Kit” Martin was the one who killed them. So now, let’s find out everything there is to know about him, shall we?

Who is Christian “Kit” Martin?

Around the time of the triple homicide, Christian “Kit” Richard Martin was to stand trial in a military court on numerous charges, and Calvin Phillips was to testify in the same. Eventually, after the witness’ passing and legal proceedings, Christian was convicted of mishandling classified data and assault on a child, leading to a relatively lenient penalty of 90 days in prison. This verdict effectively ended Christian’s 30-year career in the military service, and that is when he chose to become a commercial pilot. He was working at American Airlines at the time of his arrest in 2019.

Although a former Army Major, Christian was looked into as a suspect due to the simple fact that Calvin, Pamela, and Edward – his then-neighbors – were murdered two weeks before Calvin was set to testify in his trial. Gradually, other incriminating evidence against him also came around. Not only were Christian’s dog tags found on a shelf of the couple’s home, but his military ID was also present. Furthermore, a shell casing uncovered five months following the offense was conclusively determined to be from the pilot’s .45-caliber handgun, which he kept in his home’s safe.

Where is Christian “Kit” Martin Now?

Christian “Kit” Martin was charged and arrested in this matter on May 11, 2019, while he was at the airline gate of Louisville International Airport, ready to head to work and take off. Because he was handcuffed in public and was wearing his pilot’s uniform until he was booked, the case began attracting national coverage. However, his trial only commenced in mid-2021. One of the first aspects Christian’s defense team argued was the prosecutor’s theory that he slew Calvin to prevent him from testifying and that Pamela and Edward were collateral damage. After all, Calvin was listed as a witness on Christian’s behalf.

The defense then raised concerns over the fact that almost every bit of evidence against Christian was unveiled months after the fact, implying that it could have been planted by someone else. To back this up, they highlighted the lack of DNA, fingerprints, and eyewitnesses linking the ex-military man to the crime. Christian himself took to the stands in his defense and stated it was “stupid” that the prosecutors charged him because “I didn’t do it and the evidence shows I didn’t do it.” Nonetheless, he and his team could not convince the jury, who deliberated for over seven hours before returning with a verdict.

In other words, in mid-June 2021, a jury convicted Christian “Kit” Martin of three murders, one count of first-degree arson, one count of attempted arson, two counts of first-degree burglary, and three counts of tampering with physical evidence. Thus, on September 2, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole, plus 20 years each for the burglary and attempted arson counts and five years each for the tampering. At the age of 53, he is currently incarcerated at Christian County Jail, awaiting transfer to a State prison. It seems like Christian’s lawyers have already filed an appeal.

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