What Was PJ O’Rourke Cause Of Death? Writer & Humorist Dead At 74, Funeral Obituary News!


What Was PJ O’Rourke Cause Of Death? Writer & Humorist Dead At 74, Funeral Obituary News: Hello guys, we have really devastating and shattering news for all the fans of P.J. O’Rourke. He was a Conservative Political Satirist and a book author. He has sadly passed away at the age of 74 years. “Parliament of Whores” was one of his well-known, recognized works. He had also written and contributed articles for various news magazines. He sadly passed away on Tuesday in his home at Sharon. Reportedly he was suffering from lung cancer. for a very long time. He was a warrior and fought against diseases over a long period of time. Follow our website 50MINDS.COM.com for more updates!!!!!!

PJ O’Rourke Death Reason

He had a number of appearances in various television programs and national radio shows. He also became the editor-in-chief of National Lampoon in 1970. Famous writers and news journalist have expressed their grief over his sad news of passing away. He had also served as the coordinating editor of the Comedy Book, National Lampoon, 1964. He had a really hilarious and funny point of view over politics. He always tried to explain very complex situations in a really funny and simple way to the audience.

PJ O’Rourke: Funeral & Obituary News

And that’s why the audience really loved his point of view and could relate to it. Diagnosed with lung cancer in the year 2008. He was also featured in The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 1993. He had contributed to various best-selling books of that time. He wrote more than 15 books are over his long career, including topics like economics, automobiles, and politics. He always tried to criticize the government for its false policies. He was a really fascinating go wordsmith and also the funniest writer of the 1960s.


PJ O’Rourke: Wikipedia Biography Age

He is survived by his wife and his three children. It is a really hard time for his family. Piers Morgan has also expressed his sorrow combined tweeting. He posted that he was America’s smartest and most hilarious writer. It defined very hilariously in an interview that Democrats are the party that will always make promises to make you smarter, richer, and Republicans are those who will say that the government does not work. We would like to express our deepest apologies to his family and relatives and made his soul rest in peace.

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