What occurred to the British divers who saved the Thai boys?


British divers had been these who discovered the 12 lads and their soccer coach, nevertheless a genuinely worldwide operation was launched to rescue them.

Divers from the Thai navy participated inside the rescue. Last Friday, Saman Gunan, an ex-navy diver, handed away inside the cave.

Because most members have been reluctant to speak, not rather a lot data has been made public regarding precisely who was involved and the method.

Numerous divers, every Thai and abroad, are believed to have contributed to the attempt.

The rescue operation involved fairly just a few Thai specific forces. Most distinguished are three unnamed divers and a well being care supplier, every of whom equipped to stay by the boys’ sides after that they had been discovered underground per week in the previous. The doctor is properly usually often known as Pak Loharnshoon.

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What occurred to the British divers who saved the Thai boys?

While attempting to save a lot of the group, two rescuers perished. Former Thai Navy Seal diver Saman Gunan, who launched oxygen tanks to the stranded group, ran out of air on the method during which once more.

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