What Is The Story On Sedat Peker And Cem Küçük Twitter Video? Ilhas Holding CEO Update


Sedat Peker has seen an infinite enhance in searches after an uncut video of people having illicit relations appeared on social media.

Sedat Peker, a pacesetter of the Turkish mafia and a whistleblower, has made various allegations about Turkish politicians and fairly a couple of conditions of illegal authorities involvement on his private YouTube channel.

In May 2021, he started a YouTube confession video assortment and declared himself a Turanist and Pan-Turkist.

He charged Yeldana Kahraman, a Kazakh pupil, with being raped and murdered by Tolga Aar, the late inside minister Mehmet Aar’s son.

A present viral video on social media that explores homosexuality points has moreover gained recognition. Let’s research further regarding the specifics of the narrative.

Sedat Peker


  • 1 Sedat Peker and Cem Küçük in a Twitter video
  • 2 viral pictures of the CEO of Ilhas Holding
  • 3 Is Sedat Peker Married? Who Is His Wife?
  • 4 Facts about Sedat Perker Family Inside

Sedat Peker and Cem Küçük in a Twitter video

A model new video has been been made on the dispute between Cem Küçük and Sedat Peker! It was claimed that Rasim Kaan Aytou, CEO of IHLAS Holding, was the subject of the 18+ video that went viral on social media. Cem Küçük’s boss.

A video of Rasim Kaan Aytou, CEO of Hlas Holding and deputy candidate for the AKP, was leaked after Cem Küçük talked about that Sedat Peker was “bluffing” and “didn’t have anything essential.”

According to sources, Sedat Peker, who admitted to having an curiosity in politics, the media, and kinds and was convicted of being the chief of an organised crime gang, posted intercourse footage of a well known specific individual on social media after Cem Küçük singled him out.

Reports state that the subject was beforehand an AKP lawmaker and is at current the CEO of a Turkish media organisation.

Although the video has obtained a number of criticism, some have even argued that it’s improper for anyone to place up films of their private lives on-line.

viral pictures of the CEO of Ilhas Holding

Recently, a video that features 18+ content material materials has been making the rounds on-line. In the video clip, three people could also be seen indulging in specific sexual actions.

After the video gained recognition on social media, a set of photographs of Rasim Kaan Aytou, CEO of IHLAS Holding, went viral. This evening, intercourse footage of the highest of a Turkish media organisation had been posted on social media by a Twitter account claiming to be Sedat Peker.

The determine, alternatively, was reportedly briefly a contender for the AKP deputyship.

He reportedly serves as a result of the CEO and a board member of Tanmiyat Investment Holding Group in Dubai.

According to sources, he served as a board member for the Kiler Real Estate Investment Trust, the president of the finance group for the Jeddah City Kentsel Gelişim Investment Holding, and the highest of the finance group for the Kiler Holding Group of Companies.

The viral video may need occurred in his personal life on account of he’s characterised as a married man with a partner and children.

Is Sedat Peker Married? Who Is His Wife?

Sedat Peker, who’s claimed to be a member of the shadowy Turkish organisation Ergenekon, wed his lawyer partner Ozge Yilmaz on May 30, 2008, whereas he was nonetheless incarcerated.

Her Instagram bio moreover states that she has a regulation diploma from the Marmara University Faculty of Law and presently resides in Istanbul, Abu Dhabi.

The dataset and particulars about her family are nonetheless seen in her bio even when her Instagram internet web page is in private mode.

A video of Ozge Peker seeing her daughter participate in gymnastics was moreover posted on her Instagram account. “Our father is a little emotional,” Peker added a remember to his contribution.

Celal Han Peker, Serdar Han Peker, Filiz Lina Peker, Boaçhan Talha Peker, and Mila Peker are the names of the couple’s 5 children.

Facts about Sedat Perker Family Inside

Ahmet Peker and Meryem Peker gave supply to Sedat Peker. Adapazar was raised in a Turkish family inside the Turkish space of Sakarya.

According to tales, every of his dad and mother have deceased. His mother is supposed to have died on April 18, 2009, in Bostanc, Istanbul, Turkey, whereas his father, Ahmet, is alleged to have died in 2002.

The undeniable fact that Sedat is the one actual teenager of his dad and mother could be well-known. Sedat is claimed to have spent a number of time in Germany, however it’s unattainable to corroborate data regarding his dad and mother.

Peker was moreover exonerated of the 1997 murder accusation in opposition to drug trafficker Abdullah Topçu. The two further accused, who had been supposedly Peker’s staff, acquired life sentences within the similar case.

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