What is the 5 and 500 challenge? Viral workout trend explored


The viral 5 and 500 workout challenge is taking over the internet these days.

The trend is all over YouTube and one creator after another is jumping on the bandwagon.

The extreme workout challenge is not everyone’s cup of tea but many professional trainers and gym freaks haven’t been able to resist attempting it.

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What is the 5 and 500 challenge?

The challenge sees internet users squatting and deadlifting 500 pounds and then running a mile in less than five minutes. The catch is, they’re doing it all on the same day.

Workout enthusiasts might already know that it is not advisable/safe to pick up massive weights at one moment and then run a mile the next without any practice.

Lifting heavy weights helps our bodies pack up on muscle. However, the same bulk slows us down when we try to run.

The extreme workout trend, titled the 5and500 challenge, aims to push the limits further and master this blend anyway.

According to Men’s Health, “undertaking this challenge can help you build muscle and shed fat and give you serious fitspiration in 2022.”

How did the viral challenge come about?

As per Men’s Health, the 5and500 challenge was devised by former CrossFit Games director Dave Castro’s Constructing the CrossFit Games.

In his 2018 book, the director recalls a conversation with athlete Scott Panchik. The pair decided to come up with a challenge that involved completing a sub-five-minute mile, a 500-pound back squat, and 50 unbroken pull-ups in one day as an especially “elusive” fitness challenge.

The challenge remained buried in the book for three years as most people believed it to be impossible.

It is now gaining more mainstream recognition thanks to Adam Klink, a CrossFit coach from Virginia, who decided to give it a try during the pandemic last year.

After ten weeks of training, Adam reached his pandemic goal and posted an 18-minute video that sees him finishing a mile in 4:56, then squatting 500 pounds, then finally getting to 50 straight pull-ups later in the day.

5 and 500 challenge is not that easy

The 5and500 is a long-term goal that can help people bring more purpose to their workouts. If you have hit a workout slump, this fitness challenge can help you spice things up.

The basic target is to: Deadlift or squat 500 pounds then run a sub-five-minute mile in the same day. But, it takes months and months of preparation to get there.

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