What Is Prequel Filter TikTok? Prequel Cartoon Filter Explained

Prequel Filter which is commonly used in TikTok is actually a cartoon filter.

It’s more like a webtoon or manhwa filter which is currently in the social media user’s like list and almost everyone is making TikTok videos using this filter. It includes Aesthetic Presets & Filters and has more than 2 million followers on Instagram.

As far as we found or know, it is done by installing the prequel app from the app store or play store on smartphones. With the prequel app, people can just select a few of their pictures or any kind of photos be that of animals or other non-living things and the app instantly transforms those rows of photos into their cartoon self.

Some users have even captioned their prequel filter videos is we can all be just cartoons. The users can get or see the cartoon versions of themselves which are kinda adorable and likable. Few of the users have also noted that this prequel filter makes their eyes look big and pretty and their face flawless devoid of any face acne or any apparent spots.

Actually, social media users have even used this filter to see if they turn into the villain or main character (hero or heroine) of the story. After seeing those videos, it even entices the viewers to have their own cartoon cute and appealing character.

Just by selecting some of their photos of their mobile’s gallery or clicking the on-the-spot photos, they can have the desired photos of themselves and even can edit those pictures. 

@ophelia.ren Omg my new favorite thing❤️✨~ #prequelfilter #comicfilter #tiktoktrending ♬ “The Photo” – 3

The amazing part is that these #prequel videos have received 2.4 billion views on TikTok, which is surely intriguing.

How To Do The Cartoon Filter Effect On TikTok?

Prequel Filter TikTok is firstly done through the Prequel app. 

So, the first step is to download the app and select some of the photos to convert those original images to new cartoon characters.

Don’t get confused or anything as there are even some videos or step-by-step tutorials found on YouTube clearly demonstrating through examples regarding how to use such edits and to gracefully have the cartoon filter effect on TikTok.

Is Prequel On Instagram?

Yes, Prequel has its own Instagram too.