What is KFC’s Beyond chicken made of? Plant-based menu explored


KFC has finally introduced its plant-based Beyond chicken, but what exactly is it made of, and what else is there on the menu?

The fast-food giant is planning on targeting the plant-based audience by introducing its new menu while partnering with Beyond Meat, a Los Angeles-based company that produces plant-based meat substitutes.

With so many doubts in the minds of people, we are here to answer some of them for you.

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What is KFC’s Beyond chicken made of?

The outlet states that their Beyond Chicken is made up of soy and wheat. It notes: “The same Finger Lickin’ signature flavour you know and love, now made with soy and wheat. It is the first plant-based chicken substitute to be served at a chicken chain.”

While the recipe is vegan, the oil used to make the product is the same as the one used to make chicken. The company’s website notes: “Our Plant-Based KFC recipe is 100% animal-free. However, it may be cooked in the same oil as our Chicken. Our specialty is Kentucky Fried Chicken after all! We’ll let you decide if that’s suitable for you.”

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Why did KFC introduce plant-based products?

KFC decided to introduce plant-based products for everyone to enjoy the taste it has to offer. The company notes: “We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the Finger-Lickin’ Good taste of KFC. Everyone. Including those who don’t eat chicken, are thinking about not eating chicken, or don’t feel like eating chicken right now but might later. Plant-Based KFC is for you.”

The company further assures people that their product tastes exactly like their other meat items as they note: “Plant-Based KFC is breaded in our exclusive KFC recipe — giving you all of that Finger-Lickin’ Good flavour with none of the chicken.”

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What is there is in the menu?

The products that are listed under the plant-based menu are: “potato bun, Coleslaw, Original Recipe Corn, and mayo, as well as BBQ sauce and plum sauce.” These are made without animal ingredients.

At the moment, it is not possible to get the plant-based sandwich spicy. However, the company is working on the plant-based spicy mayo and it should be available by December.

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