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What Is A Mirrorless Camera And How It Is Better Than DSLR?

When you are new to the world of photography or art in general, there are few things that you have a perception of. In the case of cameras, we are always told, “hey man, you gotta get that new DSLR that canon launched it will really boost your creative side”. But, choosing a camera is never easy. And choosing which one out of the main two is even more difficult. Today, we are going to solve that problem for you. In this article, we would be talking about what is a mirrorless camera and how it is better than a DSLR. Along with that, we will also try to provide some good options for the same.

Photography is the art of capturing a moment beautifully and preserving it forever. The same can be said for videography as well. And to do so perfectly, you require skills as well as a proper tool. If you have skills but not a good camera, the picture would still be great, although it wouldn’t be perfect. But, if you are someone with a good camera and no skills, you still may be able to click a nice high-resolution picture, but the picture would not convey a story. Just like any other game, photography has its rules, too, and they should be followed to take good pictures. Alright, enough of a photography lecture from me, let’s look at the topic at hand, what is a mirrorless camera, and how is it better than a DSLR?

What Is A Mirrorless Camera And How It Is Better Than DSLR?

DSLR itself means Digital Single-Lens Reflex. Simply, these cameras have a mirror in front of the camera’s image sensor. That mirror is a part of the viewfinder. When you are looking through the viewfinder, you are actually looking through the lens with the help of the mirror. It works like a periscope. When you press the shutter, the mirror momentarily moves up so that the light can be sensed by the image sensor, and a picture is thus taken. Because of the mirror, the weight and size of these cameras increases. But seeing that they have been in the business for a long time now, people have grown accustomed to it.

However, in mirrorless cameras, there is no need for the mirror. The light directly touches the image sensor. And on it, we have a digital viewfinder. It works exactly like a viewfinder which shows what is happening in real-time. The absence of the mirror greatly reduces the bulk of the camera. This is particularly helpful when you are a professional photographer who is always on your toes. The reduced bulk means a smaller form factor that is easy to carry around. A smaller form factor means you can carry around more lenses or batteries.

Pros And Cons Of  DSLR Cameras

DSLR has been an industry standard for a really long time. They come with the traditional optical viewfinder, which has no delay at all. The presence of a mirror is a huge plus there. The autofocus capabilities of the DSLR cameras are so good. Live-tracking of an object or a person’s face or eyes is done seamlessly on these cameras. The battery life is longer. There are literally hundreds of lenses to choose from. These were the pros, let’s talk cons.

DSLRs are bulky and heavy. The shooting speeds are slow due to the mirror reflex. The mirror takes time to fully uncover the image sensor. Full-frame DSLR cameras are quite expensive. Even the starter camera in the full-frame segment is expensive.

Pros And Cons Of  Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless Cameras are lighter, small and compact that can be carried around very effortlessly. The shooting speeds/capture speeds on these cameras are far much better. This is because of the absence of the mirror. The image and video quality are so much better than DSLR. With the big mirror in front of the sensor gone, the camera works seamlessly with live autofocus. Recording options on these cameras are much better, with support of 4k 60frames, even on the starter cameras.

Let’s look at cons now, the electronic viewfinder has a slight delay while sending the live feed. This can affect how you see the subject in the real world and its position. Currently, there are only a handful of lenses to choose from but, with more and more people switching to mirrorless cameras, we can expect more lenses to drop. One other disadvantage is that it has short battery life. The continuous action of the sensor feeding the live information to the viewfinder drains the battery quite significantly.


Both the cameras have their own good and bad things. Although, it is very much clear that the world is moving forward and DSLRs are not. With every new camera, we only see changes in sensor type. The functionality and all other features remain the same. While in mirrorless cameras, we see an all-around advancement. In all fairness, DSLRs are good, too, no doubt. And there are people who would prefer to use a DSLR rather than a mirrorless camera.

But, I would strongly recommend that you buy a mirrorless camera because of its really effective cost to benefit ratio. You get a nice 4k ready camera for 600-800 dollars (40,000-80,000 in Indian Rupees) that is far much better, lighter, and can be doubled as a VLog camera. That’s it from my end, I hope you make an informed decision and do a ton of research before buying any camera. Always check reviews and speaking of reviews, stay tuned for more upcoming news and reviews regarding your favorite tech right here on Otakukart.