What Happened To Steve Holcomb And How Did He Die? American Olympic Bobsledder Death News Surfaces Again


The death news of Bobsledder Steve Holcomb surfaces again on the internet as Bobsleigh begins on the Olympics. 

The fans dearly miss Steve Holcomb on the ice. MSN takes us into an emotional roller coaster ride as it writes about the possible present of the athlete.

It notes that he may have been a member of the USA Bobsled coaching staff by now. He could have been active in research and development. Or perhaps he would be recruiting the next generation of sliders.

But, his untimely death breaks everyone’s heart. Remembering the day of his passing brought everyone to tears once again as viewers saw some exceptional bobsledder on Winter Olympics 2022. 

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USA Team Bobsledder Steve Holcomb Death News Surfaces Again

The Bobsledder of the USA team, Steve Holcomb, death news surfaces again in social media. Many news sources have noted that his absence is felt in the Olympics even after five years of his demise. And, the team had vowed to never forget him.

Josh Williamson, who joined the bobsled team roughly a month after Holcomb’s demise, said that the way his teammates and coaching staff spoke about him, his stories, and the example he established caused him to believe that he knew Steve well.

He would usually hear the other saying Holcomb used to say this way. Almost everyone in the industry loved him. More than that, other teams’ sliders were also drawn to him. He had a lot of charisma and never seemed to take himself too seriously.

According to the Guardian, he became one of the top sled racers in the United States even though his eyesight was so poor that he was not legally authorized to drive. He had keratoconus, a condition that causes gradual blindness.

His eyesight was 20/600, which meant that even the best contacts could not let him see well. But it still did not stop him from doing what he wanted or was passionate about. 

After finding a solution to cure his disease, he set records and became more popular. He became one of the top bobsled racers in the world and an Olympic champion.

In 2010, he earned Olympic gold in Vancouver, and in 2014, he won two bronze medals in Sochi. He and his legacy will always be cherished and remain alive in hearts. 

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What Happened To Bobsledder Steve Holcomb?

Bobsledder Steve Holcomb was found dead in his bed at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid. According to the coroner’s report, the likely reason was lung congestion, and he had excessive levels of alcohol and sleeping drugs in his system.

However, his family kept the circumstances of his death confidential. Nevertheless, his autobiography, But Now I See, detailed his battle with mental depression and disclosed how he tried to commit suicide by overdosing on alcohol and prescription medications.

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What Did Bobsledder Steve Holcomb Die Of?

Autopsy reports claimed that Bobsledder Steve Holcomb died of lung congestion.

The coroners discovered fluid in his lungs, and the toxicology report concluded that there was an excessive amount of alcohol and sleeping drugs in his blood. 

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