What Happened To Sinead O’Connor? Singer Hospitalized Days After Son’s Tragic Death


The abrupt vanishing of musician Sinead O’Connor from social networking sites has alarmed her followers all around the globe. Particularly considering she closed her Twitter account after sending a Twitter post indicating her plans to commit suicide. The devastating post from the 55-year-old musician comes shortly. Ever since she lost her beloved son Shane in an apparent suicide.

Shane O’Connor, famous Irish popstar’s 17-year-old child, went missing in the week until he was confirmed dead. Shane was said to be on suicide watch in such a Dublin facility. Using her private Twitter account, O’Connor confirmed the loss of her son in a Twitter thread.

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“Nevi’im Nesta Ali Shane O’Connor, my lovely child and indeed the sunshine of my life. Chose to stop his worldly suffering tonight and has been with God. May he rest peacefully, and may almost no one follows in his footsteps. My little one. I adore you to death. Please rest easy, “the performer wrote Shane having scheduled his ultimate funeral. Roughly a month earlier committing himself, it was later revealed. She writes on her Twitter.

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Sinead O’Connor’s admirers from everywhere in the world expressed their support and encouragement for her. Since she mourn the horrible death of her son. O’Connor, on the other hand, stated in her final sequence of tweets. Prior to actually deleting the profile that she’s in desperate need of some psychological help. She had also been apparently admitted to the hospital the next day after her kid died.

“I’ve made the decision to accompany my son. It’s pointless to live without him. I damage whatever I come into contact with. I just remain because of him. But now he’s no longer with us “She used her now-defunct personal account to post. “I don’t deserve to be alive, everybody who knows me will indeed be nicer alone without me”. The heartbroken musician concluded in another post.

Sinead O'Connor TweetsTwitter/@OhSineady

Is Sinead O’Connor OK?

After the internet exploded in outrage following her alarming tweets, O’Connor eventually apologized for her remarks, which enraged many people. “Please accept my apologies. That was a mistake on my part. I’m currently on my way to the hospital with the police. I’m a complete disaster without my child, and I despise myself. For some time, the hospital will be of assistance. However, I’m going to try and find Shane.

“This is merely a mistake,” she made clear in a tweet. Her individual Twitter account was likewise reactivated a day after it was deleted.
Sinead O’Connor has previously spoken openly about her despair and suicidal thoughts. “My heart truly hurts for Sinéad O’Connor,” an admirer wrote after her recent round of tweets.

My heart absolutely breaks for Sinéad O’Connor. She has one of the most beautiful voices and tragic lives and to then lose her adored son—her struggle is heartbreaking that a human should endure so much. I wish her only the best.

— Street Feets (@street_feets) January 15, 2022

Sinead O’Connor was hospitalized days after losing her son to suicide. I feel her pain. I wish I could say to her in person that love is the power that connects us in life and death. I do hope she finds the inner strength to carry on. pic.twitter.com/MCIB9SH16w

— Jonas Tomaz de Aquin (@JonasAquin) January 14, 2022

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