What Happened To Leon Ramirez From Woodward OK?

Leon Ramirez, a native of Woodward, OK, was a businessman who owned a motorsports company named Ramirez Motorsports. On Feb. 15, 2022, his death news was confirmed via a post made on Facebook

Nothing, in general, is known as of now, however, Ramirez was described as a mountain man who was the definition of honesty, integrity, and class. 

Reportedly, Ramirez has been building cars for almost 15 years, and it is stated that much of the area’s race car building goes on in a shop that is owned by Leon Ramirez and operated by his companion Wily Kraft. 

Leon Ramirez Death Cause and Obituary Details

Leon Ramirez, a race car building owner, has passed away. His death news was posted on Facebook, where the creator showed their deepest condolences towards his family and friends. 

Moreover, Ramirez’s cause of death has not been cited in the following post. Similarly, officials’ reports are yet to be revealed, as of now, Leon Ramirez’s death is a mystery. 

Furthermore, his obituary and funeral services are also yet to be announced on online platforms. We will indeed update the portion of the article if any verifiable news is made available. 

Meet The Family Of Leon Ramirez

Particularly, nothing much about Leon Ramirez’s family, just as his parents are made available. The family must be going through a difficult phase following the death of their beloved family member. 

Similarly, Ramirez is believed to be a married man. He is believed to have a wife named Derek Ramirez, as per some comments on his death post.

However, the above following data is just speculation, as the information with reference to his family, parents, wife, and kids is yet to be revealed.