What Happened To Chris Wright? Ken Dolezsar Murder Suspect Whereabouts Now 2022


Where is Ken Dolezsar’s murderer Chris Wright now in 2022? Was he hired by David Novak? Here are some crucial facts about the case. 

Chris Wright was found guilty of murdering Kenneth Dolezsar in the parking lot of a Sandy Village Inn by a jury on November 15, 2007.

Eugene Christopher Wright is his full legal name.

He agreed to have a show about his case on ‘Dateline’ in 2021.

Dolezsar, the victim, was a well-known Springville merchant and part-time hockey coach at Utah Valley State College at the time.

Wright, the owner of Exchange Place Capital, is said to have only known Dolezsar for a few months before the murder.

They were thought to be business partners, but there is no proof that the altercation in the Village Inn parking lot was related to business.

Wright initially pled not guilty. Witness Lee Carlson, who was on the scene at the time, identified Wright and testified in court that he was the murderer.

He was also the driver of Dolezsar’s car when the event occurred.

A few blocks away from the crime scene, police discovered the car abandoned.

Furthermore, Wright was said to be sporting a black wig at the time of the shooting.

Where Is Chris Wright Now? Ken Dolezsar Murder

Chris Wright won’t be eligible for release until 2031, so he is currently serving in prison.

Since February 28, 2008, Wright has been in prison.

He was found guilty of criminal murder in the first degree and aggravated robbery in the second degree.

He was sentenced to 15 years to life in jail, and his first parole hearing is scheduled for August 2031.

Was Chris Wright Hired By David Novak?

Victim Dolezsar’s wife, Leslie Dee Mower, filed a lawsuit in November 2010 against another man, David Novak for hiring Chris Wright to murder Dolezsar.

Novak, on the other hand, has never been charged with any wrongdoing in connection with Dolezsar’s death.

Novak, a federal prison inmate consultant, persuaded Mower and her husband that when they were convicted of tax evasion, he could get their sentences shortened.

They each gave him $25,000, according to her.

Novak allegedly brought Dolezsar to Wright and set up a meeting the day Dolezsar was killed, according to the lawsuit.

A Sandy police officer testified at Wright’s trial that Novak was sentenced to prison for faking his death in a plane crash.

According to news reports, Novak did not fake his death and instead ditched the jet because it needed a new engine before filing a phony insurance claim.

Novak was imprisoned in a Florida detention center for a year.

He went on to write a book on his experiences there and to launch a consulting service for white-collar criminals on the verge of going to prison.

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