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Costas is an American sportscaster who worked with NBC Sports from 1980 to 2019. He has facilitated a few games including, Boxing, Golf, Major League Baseball (MLB), NASCAR, National Hockey League, and National Basketball Association (NBA) for NBC.

Bounce got the Curt Gowdy Award in 1999 and he was the ideal time host of twelve Olympic Games. He is known for his insidious awareness of what’s actually funny, talking with style, and broad information, and he has gotten 28 Emmy Awards for his work.


What Happened To Bob Costas? Did He Retire? Sway Costas isn’t determined to have any ailment, nonetheless, he experienced viral conjunctivitis while facilitating Winter Olympics in 2014. It started with one eye, however soon the other eye got contaminated.

Costas as of late discussed the silly hypotheses that surfaced after the pink eye occurrence. His pink eye episode is still new as individuals actually make images about it.

Costas authoritatively left NBC Sports on January 15, 2019, following 40 years. His keep going major live transmission for NBC was facilitating the 2018 Belmont Stakes.

Bounce has not resigned, in spite of the fact that he left NBC in mid 2019. He keeps on working for different stages including, HBO and CNN. The previous NBC Sports host’s HBO show, Back on the Record with Bob Costas, is very fruitful.

He joined CNN as a benefactor and filled in as a reporter on sports-related issues. He for the most part discussed the business’ reaction to Covid pandemic-related difficulties and the assembly and convergence of social issues and sports.


Where Could Bob Costas Now be? After Bob Costas left NBC Sports, he has worked with a few different organizations. He facilitated a meeting show, Studio 42 with Bob Costas, on MLB Network. Costas got back to HBO to have Back on the Record, a quarter-yearly meeting show.

Weave presently lives in New York, USA, with his better half, Jill Sutton. Despite the fact that he was born and brought up in New York, he thinks about St. Louis his old neighborhood.

Costas joined TBS for the postseason baseball inclusion in October 2021.

Weave Costas Pink Eye: Fans Remember His Commentary Even With Conjunctivitis Weave Costas needed to manage dueling pink eyes during the 2014 Sochi Olympics. He endured conjunctivitis while facilitating the Winter Olympics. It began in one eye, and he was told it will be gone in three days, reports People.

The disease leaped to the next eye, and the specialists discovered he created conjunctivitis in the two eyes. He needed to manage it for around a little while.

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