What happened to Belle Delphine and where is she now?


Popular internet personality Belle Delphine’s recent social media absence has sparked many speculations online.

While some supporters jokingly suggest that she has simply disappeared, HITC provides answers regarding the content creator’s most-recent whereabouts.

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What happened to Belle Delphine?

Belle Delphine, whose real name is Mary-Belle Kirschner, is an online adult content creator, gaming streamer and social media influencer.

The star once maintained a booming Instagram platform with masses of followers until both her original and backup accounts were suspended from the application numerous times for reportedly violating internet guidelines.

After being restricted from posting, Delphine then seemed to take a short break from the social networking service before later returning with her usual controversial content.

However, the influencer then left social media again. Having not posted online since February 2021, some fans now suggest that she has simply disappeared.

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what happened to Belle delphine?? like she just dissappeared

— ★ caz ★ (@PUPC4LZ) December 31, 2021

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belle delphine took over the internet and then disappeared and then came back and then disappeared again

— val ⸸ 1/1 (@levalithan) October 7, 2021

Where is the content creator now?

Belle Delphine has not disappeared. Instead, the user is simply creating content elsewhere; on more mature platforms.

An episode of the Painkiller Already [PKA] Podcast from 2021 touched on the topic of Delphine’s online absence.

A YouTube star known as F1nnSter explained that Delphine “takes occasional breaks and then hypes everything up when she’s back.”

F1nnSter claimed to have spoken to Delphine via Twitter back in April 2021. He added that she is always active on her OnlyFans, a platform that allows creators to earn money from users who subscribe to their content.

Explore the star’s social media accounts

Born on 23 October 1999 in Cape Town, South Africa, Belle Delphine is currently age 22 years old.

Over on Twitter, @bunnydelphine boasts a huge following of more than 1.5 million users.

Her page seems to have last been active in February 2021 when she posted a link to a range of Belle Delphine-themed PC accessories.

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Belle Delphine still has over two million subscribers on her YouTube channel that was also most recently updated with content in February 2021.

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