What Happened To Auctioneer Mark Hales From Antiques Road Trip? Wikipedia Bio


What Happened To Mark Hales From Antiques Road Trip? Follow the article to find more details.

Mark Hales is a presenter for the Antiques Road Trip.

Actively involved in the BBC One show Antiques Road Trip, he is a well-known antiques expert.

Hales is an antiques veteran with a high level of experience having been traveled the country for decades to search, collect, and purchase antique items.

With the new series airing on BBC One, viewers who had watched Hales previously are wondering the reason behind his absence recently.

Let’s take a look at the details.

What Happened To Auctioneer Mark Hales From Antiques Road Show?

Mark Hales, who is an auctioneer from the BBC One show Antiques Road Show, has not been featured on the show lately.

Hales, who served as an antiques expert and presenter for the acclaimed show has kept his distance from the media and has not decided to inform any details on his absence.

The British auctioneer had helped the show since the start. However, the show which is running in its 24 seasons this year is yet to introduce one of the veteran auctioneers, Mark Hales, to the show.

The show has not revealed any information about his departure as well.

In the meantime, Hales is busy working on his auctioning company S.J Hales Auctioneers along with his wife Sara.

Mark Hales Wikipedia Details

Mark Hales’s bio is not available on Wikipedia.

He is a professional auctioneer who had appeared in the Antiques Road Show.

The British auctioneer seems to be a middle-aged man who is in his 50s. However, the given age is based on the assumption of his appearance.

Hales, who is currently residing in Bovey Tracey, Devon, England has not revealed the details of his academic background.

Furthermore, his familial background is left unnoticed as well.

Meet Mark Hales Wife

Mark Hales’s wife is Sara Hales.

Sara is also an auctioneer, who had appeared in multiple TV shows, radio, and has published several articles.

Sara, a mother, and a wife like to call herself an animal lover. The founder of S.J Hales Auctioneers, Sara and her husband Mark are the senior ceramics experts with a collective experience of 4 decades working in 2 of the world’s top auction houses in London.

Together they were known to run a Newton Road Business since 2001. The couple is believed to be married for over 2 decades.

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