What Happened To Aaron Donald Daughter Skin? 

Aaron Donald has a daughter named Jaeda, whose skin color has changed. Fans are wondering why? Some fans even assumed that her skin might have burned.

One user named Jason Wallace wrote on Twitter, “He saw the 99 club video. Let your daughter know she’s not alone because he knew a couple of people with the same skin issues. He too had been suffering from rare skin disease.”

Aaron Donald Daughter Skin Condition: Is It A Disease?

Twitter claims Aaron Donald’s daughter has a rare skin disorder called Vitiligo. It’s a skin disease where the skin loses its pigment cells and white skin patches in different body parts.

People are anxious about Aaron Donald’s daughter’s skin. They are assuming that she is suffering from a skin disorder. Michael Jackson, The King of Pop, had a skin disease known as Vitiligo that results in white patches on the skin and sensitivity to sunlight.

Did Aaron Donald Daughter Get Burned? Fans Are Making Assumptions 

Fans are assuming if Aaron Donald’s daughter Jaeda burned her hand. 

Reportedly, Super Bowl 56 has begun, and Aaron has promised his then 5-year-old daughter that he will win the Super Bowl and play in the confetti with his daughter.  

Trent Rush wrote on Twitter, “Aaron and his daughter could play in the confetti after winning the Super Bowl this year. He has made a deal with his daughter. He further added a closure look at her left hand, what is it?

As per Reddit, Aaron welcomed his third child named Aaric Donald in 2021. He now has two sons and a daughter named Jaeda. They are the world for him.