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Jake Gutierrez is a radio personality at 810 WHB from Kansas City. He has been the maker of a web recording named The Border Patrol for quite a while at this point yet he is anticipating leaving this behind at this point.

Gutierrez talked with Steven St. John and Nate Bukaty and examined the fate of the digital broadcast as he intends to move out of Kansas City. He has been anticipating going to Colorado.


Allow us to get familiar with Jake Gutierrez and investigate his age and Wikipedia. Who Is Jake Gutierrez 810 WHB? Wikipedia Jake Gutierrez from 810 WHB is an American radio personality and maker.

He doesn’t have a Wikipedia profile for his wiki and bio yet we take care of everything to be aware of Jake in this article for our perusers and watchers. Gutierrez is attempting to add the writer to his portrayal as well as he intends to finish his book in a quiet lodge in the forest away from Kansas City’s disorder.

Much with regards to Jake’s own life has not risen to the top yet as he doesn’t have profiles on the web to exhibit his profile yet. He is by all accounts a saved kind of character which is very extraordinary for a radio personality and moderator.

What Is Jake Gutierrez Age? Jake Gutierrez’s age may be between 45-50 years of age starting at 2022. In any case, he has not uncovered the genuine age of his date of birth on the web yet.

Because of the absence of data about his real date of birth, his zodiac sign is likewise not accessible making it difficult to make expectations about his character in view of his zodiac sign.


Who Is Jake Gutierrez Wife? Jake Gutierrez has not uncovered the name of his significant other on the web as of recently. Indeed, the radio personality has not spoken anything about his wedded life or his relationship status yet.

In light of his indiscreet move to a lodge to finish his book, Jake could be single right now and probably won’t possess energy for a close connection because of his bustling timetable.

In any case, we will discover reality with regards to Jake’s mate or a sweetheart when he talks about them, up to that point, just hypotheses are accessible on the web. What Befell Jake Gutierrez? Jake Gutierrez has chosen to leave 810 WHB radio broadcast and his webcast The Border Patrol behind.

He has chosen to move to a lodge in the forest of colorado to finish the book he has been composition. He is anticipating taking his action on February 23, 2022, and be up there until the June of this current year.

The news came as a shock for his fans and devotees as they especially cherished Jake and his digital recording. Notwithstanding, on the last episode of the web recording, Jake has vowed to be back on the digital broadcast as often as possible, which is very much a help for his devotees.

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