What Did Bryce Ruthven Say In Radio Podcast? Fans Are Curious If He Is Still Married To Melissa Rawson


Bruce Ruthven opened up about how a radio station made such a joke which was not funny/hilarious at all. He also said about how it has impacted his life in a negative way.

Bryce Ruthven is a cast of MAFS Australia.

The Melbourne-based reality TV actor also has involvement as a radio host, event MC & sports commentator.

Bryce Ruthven recently caught the headline following the experience of a disgusting and tasteless prank on Valentine’s day.

What Did Bryce Ruthven Say In Radio Podcast?

Bryce Ruthven opened up about the stunt his previous workplace pulled in the radio podcast.

Via his Instagram, he also shared about the emotions resulting from the incident or let’s say prank or joke which was actually “not so funny” to him.

On February 10, while he was out recording a podcast on his twin boys, someone from the Melbourne Radio Station dropped off a bunch of flowers at his home’s front door, where he lives with his partner and kids.

There was also a note which stated that the flower giver loved working with him and at the end that mysterious person penned down his or her contact number and also deemed them as his secret admirer.

Since his partner Melissa aka Liss made it to the home first, she was the one to receive it and naturally shot many questions at Bryce as soon as he came home.

After a few days, one of the co-hosts from KIIS 101.1, the breakfast show for the radio station, called up to ask if he received the flowers and how that situation impacted or created misunderstandings in his life and all. To Bryce’s surprise, the phone conversation with him was recorded and played on their radio station.

With this, the podcaster also made everyone aware of the issue he and his love partner had to face which other people deems as the scoops for publicity. He uploaded a written statement in his IG retaliating against such pranks and also wrote “Not all jokes are funny” in the caption.

Is Bryce Ruthven Still Together With Melissa Rawson?

Bryce Ruthven is still together with his fiance Melissa Rawson.

In response to the flower joke, Melissa also came out about the emotional turmoil she had gone through when she got the flowers through her Instagram.

Bryce Ruthven And Melissa Twin Sons

Bryce Ruthven shares two children, actually a pair of twins sons named Tate and Levi with MAFS star Melissa. 

They welcomed their newborn kids in October 2021 and are currently focused on parenting their two young sons.

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