What dates are Harmony Week? What is the meaning of Harmony Week?


The week runs from 15-21 March constantly. The week urges all people to seek out out about, regard, and observe Western Australia’s wealthy social, strict, etymological, and ethnic assortment.

Congruity Week is a multicultural native space relations drive supported by the State Government.

It’s an opportunity to have fun multiculturalism in Australia and the efficient absorption of transients into our basic public.

Australia is one of the world’s finest multicultural nations, and we should be happy with it and make a strong effort to maintain it that manner.

Congruity Week is just about all Australians, paying little thoughts to ethnic or phonetic starting, feeling included, regarded, and having a spot with a bunch of basic Australian qualities.

Orange has been determined to imply Harmony Week. Orange has for fairly a while been associated with social affiliation and important discussions. It likewise has to do with the alternative of articulation and the development of shared regard.

During Harmony Week, Australians can don orange to indicate their assist for social selection and a complete Australia.


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