What age is Obi, the new Too Hot to Handle contestant?


Season 3, Episode 3 of Too Hot to Handle brought us two new singles to the Turks & Caicos villa – Olga and Obi. Fans are already hooked on Obi and want to know more about the Nigerian fitness fanatic.

His debut episode showed him having an initial connection with Jaz and even ended up bagging a spot in her bed on the first night. However, things soon fizzled out as she ended the potential relationship due to Obi’s young age.

Obi says he is here to “shake things up” and we can’t wait! So let’s get to know more about the new single and find out how old he actually is.

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Too Hot To Handle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix



Too Hot To Handle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix






Obi Nnadi – Too Hot to Handle – Netflix

How old is Obi?

Obi Nnadi is a youthful 22 years young. Born in Nigeria, he moved to Toronto, Canada at a young age with his family and ended up staying to complete his education and start-up his life.

His young age has already been a hindrance to him on the show as Jaz’s reasons for turning him down were to do with his age and height, with her being three years older, she didn’t think they would make a good match.

More about Obi

By looking at his physique it’s not hard to tell that Obi is a fitness fanatic. He is a fitness instructor and personal trainer back home in Toronto and is currently exploring his career options.

He is also a trained health coach and is super cautious of what he puts into his body. He promotes his fitness on his Instagram account, @obi_blvd of which he has almost ten thousand followers.

Though very health-conscious, Obi likes to think his personality is the star of the show, and said: “I think my personality is ten times better than my body… but the body definitely helps.”

His feed consists of mostly gym pictures and half-naked selfies as well as a few pictures of his travels.

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What has Obi said about Too Hot to Handle?

Obi has admitted he loves women and had no idea of Lana’s no touching rule when he first arrived at the villa.

He is confident in his looks and physique, calling himself a “ten out of ten” and says when it comes to his looks he is “happy to toot his own horn.”

In his introduction video, Obi said he’s come to the villa to “shake things up” – and he’s already making this a reality having bagged himself a spot in bed with Jaz on his first night.

Fans are loving Obi so far and can’t wait to see how else he plans to “shake up” the villa.



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