We found where Keyonnah and ‘Bow Wow’ from Catfish are in 2022


Keyonnah was the victim of a potential Catfishing moment when she thought she was talking to rapper Bow Wow online. However, some doubt crept in and left her turning to the MTV show for help.

Viewers of Catfish: The TV Show, where Kamie Crawford and Nev Schulman carry out an investigation to find out exactly who someone is speaking to, are constantly reminded of the ‘Bow Wow’ episode.

Although it first aired in 2019, the replay came back on screens on January 27th, leaving the question of what happened between the online duo in the air. And it’s not the first time the so-called ‘Bow Wow’ has appeared.

So, where are Keyonnah and ‘Bow Wow’ from Catfish now? And was it really the rapper?

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Ready To Love | Trailer | OWN






Who are Keyonnah and ‘Bow Wow’?

Keyonnah thought she was dating Bow Wow for four months after meeting online through a ‘fan site’. The then-19-year-old was so deep into their relationship that she was prepared to start a family with him.

She admitted that she also questioned whether the online messages, texts and phone calls were actually from the rapper, but was convinced when she received a money order for $10K from the Bow Wow impersonator.

Nev and Max took Keyonnah to Atlanta to meet ‘Bow Wow’ in person, where she came face-to-face with someone she didn’t quite expect to see. There was some good taken from the episode, though…

The mother-of-two used the money she was given to help out her mother and grandmother with car expenses and mortgage payments. She was also able to cover daycare for her daughter.

This Catfish episode, featuring the girl who believe Bow Wow liked her or whatever, is still, hands down, the best Catfish episode ever! 😝😝😝😝😝😝#Catfish

— Quintin Washington (@QuintinOnCamera) January 26, 2022

Was Bow Wow really on Catfish?

No, the person posing as rapper Bow Wow was actually Dee Pimpin. She has appeared on Catfish: The TV Show more than once. Dee, who has 20,000 followers on her Facebook account, “tends to hit on straight girls”, according to Nev.

Based on her previous Catfishing, Nev explained to Amari that Dee Pimpin would contact women who thought that she was a guy. A following victim of Dee Pimpin was Imari, who had not watched the ‘Bow Wow’ episode before.

Imari and Dee Pimpin had not yet spoken on video chat, as she had refused to do so since they began texting. Imari was also convinced she was dating Bow Wow, until she saw Dee Pimpin appear on talk show 106 & Park.

Since her Catfish appearance, self-acclaimed female rap artist Dee Pimpin has actually met Bow Wow, who was reportedly flattered by the impersonation.

Dee Pimpin claims to make thousands from her involvement in the music industry, which would explain the $10K except that she has almost no social presence or online record of her music.

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Catfish: What happened between them?

Romantically, Keyonnah and Dee didn’t work out, but are thought to continue to talk almost every day. Looking at Keyonnah’s Instagram, she continues to be single since her Catfish debut.

As of 2015, Dee Pimpin is reportedly engaged. Despite confirming she is not interested in anyone but her fiance, reports say she may still catfish. Looking at her IG page, she mainly shares selfies.

Viewers who remember the legendary episode still comment on Dee Pimpin’s photos talking about her Bow Wow Catfish moment. She also works with Tyler Perry Productions Ednet, a media company she recently tagged.



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