WATCH: Why Sisa Flatela Kuku Trending On Twitter?


As soon as a video or a pic goes viral, viewers get attracted to it ending up giving it more than wanted likes and views. Exactly the same happened with the recent pic of Sisa Flatela Kuku. A pic of Sisa Flatela Kuku instantly went viral and has been doing rounds on the internet ever since then. The pic is however something objectionable to look at. The pic and video have though been getting viral on the internet in South Africa for two days.

Here are some updates on it for you.

What’s The Viral Pic Of Sisa Flatela Kukuall About?

Sisa Flatela is unlike any other social media user who has been posting pics and videos every now and then. Her videos and pics often get viral leaving the platform scandalized. Well, she posted a pic with Kuku trend and has left many of her followers to feel disgusted. A viral video of Sisa Flatela even went circulated on the internet especially on Twitter. The video featured objectionable conten

t though. Sisa Flatela’s viral video on the internet showed a frog coming out of the lady’s private part of the video.

Sisa Flatela aka Miss Fresh #Kuku is the only female allowed at Men’s Conference 2022 😋

— Unknown Man 👤 (@iPokloza_ZN) January 14, 2022

Who’s Sisa Flatela Going Viral These Days?

Social media takes very little time to make anyone famous even sometimes overnight. Some even use content to make themselves famous be it good content or a bad one. Sisa Flatela is one such social media influencer. Sisa Flatela has a YouTube channel with about 8k followers and she keeps posting pics and videos that make her different from others. However, the exact location of hers isn’t known but is assumed to be somewhere in Singapore.

Sisa Flatela had more views on her picture destroying Xolisile mfekas whole carreer in less than 24hours


— Ighosti (@peecee_dbn) January 14, 2022

What Was Viewers Reaction On The Viral Video?

It takes literally no time to get any pic or video viral and eventually get flooded with comments too. However, some appreciated the content of Sisa Flatela yet some felt offended by it. Viewers expressed liking for the viral content hers while some of them even requested her to change the settings of her Twitter account to prevent the access of such content easily.

Kuku ya Sisa Flatela has been declared as a National Key Point.

— Teboho Mohoto (@BlackBaas1) January 14, 2022

As of now the content going viral of Sisa Flatela has been not taken down off the internet nor any action has been taken on it yet. Users have however commented to keep her contents limited for her followers changing the settings of the platform she posts it on.

She has posted it several times on her OnlyFans account that has now been deactivated

— Stunna Sadi Weekends (@1k_heartbreaks) January 14, 2022

It is hers fortunately enough… some of us know her from way back. She used to upload vids fingering herself… Sisa’s coochie is the ish🔥🔥🔥!!!!! Case closed!!!!

— Reelo®️🌈 (@Ree_Deejay) January 14, 2022

She did mention that it’s hers.

— Free Jacob Zuma (@vanvam10) January 14, 2022

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