Watch: Jason Jones Video, Person Killed By Flames After Police Used Taser Went Viral On Social Media!


Video: Jason Jones Video, Person Killed By Flames After Police Used Taser Went Viral On Social Media: The Nyc state attorney general posted footage on Thursday showing the man set ablaze after a law enforcement officer was using a Stun gun on him. His murder is being investigated by the headquarters of Prosecutor Director Letitia James. Jason Jones, 29, eventually died in a community hospital. He attempts to access a locked door and would seem to be yelling, however, the clips lack verbal. Jones died on December 15 after having to spend 6 weeks at the Williamsburg Medical Clinic Scarring & Burns Unit. Follow our website for more updates!!! Jason Jones Video

Jason Jones Video

Jason Jones Video

Jones’ upper section is destroyed by fire just for over seconds after a bright flash. Jones can be seen some more than ten minutes later slathering his naked midriff and tresses with combustible disinfectant from a full pump bottle that was on a plain. “Jason was defenseless, in the police precinct, and not making threats anyone if the officers struck him with 50,000 volts of electric charge and he sparked,” Jones’ lawyer Kevin Luibrand explained. Jones passed away on December 15 after spending 48 days in an intensive care unit in Syracuse, according to his lawyer.

Jason Jones Fire Incident Video

Per the clip, it’d be another minute before a physician arrived with a stretcher and trundled Jones aside to be treated. The video surfaced on Friday by the Public Defender’s office, which is presently working on the case, in the expectation of “disclosing more information and bolstering people’s trust.” One of the policy assumptions in the reception area points a taser gun at him and tells anything before firing. The news is now making headlines and people are raising questions and criticizing police for the action.

As per The Press Association, Police Commander Dave Darling stated that his deputies were acquainted with Jones from past interactions and were likely frightened he would injure himself. According to a criminal justice professional who railroads security personnel on using coercion, police never are instructed to use a Stun gun on someone who has been revealed to flammable materials. Jones had been admitted to the combustion unit at Syracuse’s Government School in New York Clinical Teaching Hospital. We are trying our best to gather more pieces on this news so till then bookmark our website and as soon as we get anything we will refresh you here so stay tuned and keep showing your love!!

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