WATCH: Gracie Wood, Channel 7 news anchor’s daughter Making Racist Remarks Viral Video


Gracie Wood is making headlines as her videos of racist and homophobic comments resurfaced on social media. Numerous netizens called her the “Racist of the Day.”

Gracie Wood’s Racist Rants Goes Viral

The videos were first uploaded on Instagram. The teenager advocates for the removal of “Mexicans and Middle Easterners” because “all they do is wanna kill people.”

On being asked about Africans, Gracie Wood responded, “Kill them.” In addition, Gracie Wood said, “blow up the whole continent of Africa!”

A Tiktok user Denise Bradley, exposed the teenager. The former has a reputation for exposing racist individuals

YALL! This is crazy! This is how it feels growing up in South Carolina! These people here are some of the worst kind! They discriminate for kicks! Her mom works for Channel 7! BLOW THIS UP IDGAF @TVAmy is this what you teach in your house???

— an honest villain ♻️ (@JuiceLaRock) January 12, 2022

She advocated against Nazis saying, “Y’all are Nazis, but since y’all hate gay people and Black people, I support.” Moreover, she gave a Nazi salute. In addition, complimented Hitler saying he was a pretty quality man and he went out the right way by killing himself. She added, “I feel like I’d rather kill myself than be killed by a firing squad.”

Lastly, she proceeded to use the N-word. She took down all her social media accounts ever since the videos went viral.

The teenager is a singer and songwriter as well. Her Instagram account boasts of 30k followers before she took down her account. Her debut song was “You Ain’t My Boo” on Spotify.

Amy Wood Responds To The Controversy

Amy Wood took to Facebook to release an apology statement. She apologized on the behalf of her daughter and family for the “horrific, disgusting, and vile things” she said.

Gracie Wood is a student of the Oakbrook Preparatory School in Spartanburg. The school took to social media to release the following statement, addressed to the families of the students,

“We have been made aware of recent statements made by an Oakbrook student. While these statements were made off-campus in a non-school-related event, we find these comments and the behavior of those involved offensive and extremely disappointing. The statements made are not reflective of Oakbrook’s mission and core values, which are academic excellence, character, community, creativity, and diversity. As advocates for all God’s people, we strive to create a community that is respectful and inclusive based on Biblical principles and appreciates the richness of different cultures and viewpoints. Our school leadership is prayerfully considering actions that we can take to reinforce our core values, enable our students and staff to learn from this experience, and promote a caring environment where everyone in our community feels respected and valued.”

Bruce Wilson’s Reacts To The Controversy

Bruce Wilson, an upstate activist of Black Lives Matter and Fighting Injustice Together, said that the woods were apologetic. He spoke to Amy Wood and Mike Wood and said, “They were absolutely mortified by this and I could generally feel how apologetic they were because they understood this hurt so many people. I believe there was some peer pressure involved in this, and this type of talk and behavior wasn’t taught in their home.”

Wilson mentioned that he has no intention to see Amy Wood responsible for her daughter’s comments.

“Words do have meaning, words do have power,” Wilson concluded. He even added, “Unfortunately, she (Gracie) wasn’t wise at the time and her ‘so-called friends’ used that.” 

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