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VIDEO: Wanita Video Belatung Meninggal Leaked Video Leave Twitter Scandalized: It’s not a new thing for social media users to watch viral videos but some videos instantly pull the attention and forces us to watch them again and again. One such shocking video is currently making rounds all over the web and wide opening the mouth with the wonder of all those who are viewing this. A worms video in which a woman passed away and the men claim to have a relationship with corpses. What is the truth behind this video, The woman in the worm video is passed away, is that true? All such questions are currently in the mind of the viewers. Let’s find the answer to these questions. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Wanita Video Belatung Meninggal

Wanita Video Belatung Meninggal Video

The lady in the video, whose virus partially removed the worm, is stated to have passed away. The video of the female genital worm went Viral on a social media platform after it was posted to the didin2022 account. Another scene comes after viewing the worm coming out of the viral device of a woman.

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In the scene, there is a person who does something obscene. The social media users are wondering if the lady featured in the video is demised or alive. One netizen wrote the comment: “That is a dead lady”.

Recently, a video in which a worm is featured circulated on social media networks like Twitter and TikTok. Several social media users were stunned as the video comes up to view vaginal sex organs containing live worms. In the circulated video, many men and women had s*x. So there is an animal in the [email protected]@ of woman, like a swarm of worms.

After watching this video one user Twitted that “What amazes me is where did these errors come from? Was it purposely inserted or what?

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Doctors’ Views On This Viral Video

Sex expert Dr. Boyk Dean Nugraga, SpOG, MARS responded that the viral video was just deceit. The reason is that worms are not animals that live naturally in their reproductive organs. On Saturday, 15th January 2022, Dr. Boyk commented on detik.com that “Worms are impossible, except for those who passed away. it is just a shock factor trick.”

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Even Wisnu Setyawan, Ph.D. SpOG(K) in Morula IVF Tangerang expressed a similar opinion. In medical cases, the worms are generally discovered only in dead tissues. Dr. Vishnu said that “The worms are generally in the infected tissues and they are dead. If it is still fresh, it is still healthy, it is probably artificial.”

Dr. Wisnu explained that the possibility of animal cases in the [email protected]@ could be caused due to pinworms. Though, this is a different parasitic animal than a worm.

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