Virginia Republican gubernatorial hopeful Glenn Youngkin warned that former Gov. Terence McAuliffe’s help for vaccine mandates shouldn’t be the identical as merely encouraging vaccinations and in addition an instance of “dictatorial” governance-by-fiat.

Youngkin, a political newcomer who lately retired from The Carlyle Group, faces off with McAuliffe – a longtime confidant of Bill and Hillary Clinton – in considered one of two off-year gubernatorial races this November. The different race is in New Jersey.

Youngkin mentioned he encourages folks to make their very own selections however helps the vaccine:

“I believe everyone should get the vaccine. I’m going to work tirelessly to make the best decision for themselves to get it. What Terry McAuliffe wants to do is have companies fire people who don’t get the vaccine,” he mentioned on “Special Report.”

Youngkin informed anchor Bret Baier that McAuliffe’s help for vaccine mandates is just the most recent instance of his obvious perception that the federal government is aware of higher than the person.

Youngkin introduced up a recent video of McAuliffe sternly admonishing Sheriff Hank Partin of Montgomery County – which incorporates Christiansburg and Virginia Tech – “I don’t care what you believe” after Partin questioned McAuliffe’s welcoming of an endorsement from a pro-defund-the-police group.

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McAuliffe requested Partin if he was “out of [his] mind” if he believes the gubernatorial hopeful personally helps defunding the police.

“Terry McAuliffe wants companies to fire their employees if they don’t get the vaccine. This is what dictatorial leadership is all about: If he doesn’t like what the sheriff says, he yells at him. If he doesn’t like what parents have to say about schools, he tells you he doesn’t want you involved in their education,” Youngkin mentioned – referring within the latter to McAuliffe’s current viral assertion disagreeing with those that need dad and mom to have the flexibility to decide on their kids’s curriculum.

“In this case, when you want to make a decision about whether you want the vaccine or not, if you don’t make the right decision for Terry McAuliffe, he wants your employer to fire you,” Youngkin added.

Baier famous that Youngkin has made the competition an in depth race in what’s a purple-trending-toward-blue state.

A brand new Fox News Poll has McAuliffe forward 48 to 44%, as incumbent Democrat Ralph Northam is term-limited within the Commonwealth’s one-and-done system.

Baier additionally pressed the Falls Church Republican about how strongly he helps former President Trump. 


When requested if he would have Trump marketing campaign with him, Youngkin replied that he’s grateful for the endorsement and certainly personally thanked the Palm Beach Republican – however pivoted to his want to carry Virginians collectively whether or not they’re pro-Trump, Never-Trump or single-issue voters.

The Fox News Poll confirmed McAuliffe supporters’ prime situation being the pandemic, whereas Youngkin’s base is extra involved with the financial system.

Baier famous that an invitation has been prolonged to McAuliffe to supply his personal remarks on “Special Report.”