President Biden and the Democratic Party’s full-scale open borders agenda won’t have an effect on these elites who’re engineering it historian Victor Davis Hanson advised Fox Nation on Monday.

With 2 million new unlawful aliens projected to journey throughout the Rio Grande in 2021, the end result can be a multifaceted “disaster,” Hanson mentioned on “Tucker Carlson Today.”

“It sure won’t affect the people who engineered it. They will be in the bi-coastal elite enclaves. And their knowledge of people who speak Spanish will be ‘Maria the housekeeper’, and ‘Juan the gardener’. And they’ll feel so good about themselves – but they will never put their kids in an integrated school, or entertain, or socialize with people from Mexico,” Hanson mentioned, including that he already is seeing this pattern within the rich enclave of Palo Alto, Calif., the place he works.

Hanson warned that the individuals who will possible be gravely affected in a social sense would be the descendants of authorized immigrants who’ve assimilated into American society, because the generations of immigrants have earlier than them.


“It’s going to impact the Mexican-American lower and middle classes because when you get these people from Central America, they go in and the first thing they do in the class, they’ll say ‘you’re a ‘gringo’, you don’t speak Spanish’ to a third generation Mexican-American kid,” he mentioned. “And you will not have advanced placement courses because you’ll have to return to the bilingual paradigm.”

Hanson mentioned these communities of twentieth Century immigrant households who’ve assimilated into U.S. tradition are following the identical “trajectory” as nineteenth Century immigrant teams just like the Irish and Italians – who he mentioned are politically and socially numerous on account of that assimilation, and subsequently had not develop into their very own enclave unto themselves.

He pointed to descendants of Italian immigrants like New York Govs. Mario and Andrew Cuomo compared to former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani – remarking on their numerous sociopolitical identities melding with their ethnic similarities.

“If I say today, Cuomo or Giuliani, you can’t tell by the Italian name what their affiliation is because they’ve assimilated,” he mentioned. “They were Catholic, Southern European, they came from Sicily in Southern Italy. It took longer. But basically until this wave where we gave up on assimilation and controlled borders, they were starting to mimic the patterns of Italian-Americans.”

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“There’s so many catalysts for illegal immigration. Mexico wants the $60 billion that it shares with Central America in remittances. They want a safety valve, you know, march across the border, not on Mexico City, when we’re corrupt and we’re racist. And they (the Mexican elite) are racist … with the way they treat their indigenous people,” Hanson mentioned. 

Another notable attribute of the open borders agenda, Hanson added, is that in giving preferential therapy to unlawful aliens, the Democratic Party has concurrently rebuffed what has been their principal voting base for a century or extra – working class, union-member Americans of reasonable means.


An injection of latest low-wage employees into the labor drive will usually drive down wages for everybody else, he asserted, calling many immigrant employees “hardworking and exploited” in that method.

“That was what was ironic about the Democratic Party. They destroyed their old union base or the lower middle classes of all tribes and races, because they bought into this open borders idea,” he mentioned.