Vettel fears he won’t race a German GP again


MIAMI: Germany’s four-times world champion Sebastian Vettel says he doesn’t anticipate to race in his homeland again earlier than he retires from the game.

The German Grand Prix has not been held since 2019 and the 34-year-old Aston Martin driver believes the development within the sport in direction of new markets, paying greater charges, makes a swift return unlikely.

“I don’t know if Germany will make it in time for me,” Vettel, who’s out of contract on the finish of the season together with his future unsure, advised reporters forward of follow for Sunday’s Miami Grand Prix.

“I think in the end if you look at the places where we are going, Germany is not prepared to pay that kind of money to have a Grand Prix, simple as that,” added Vettel, who gained the 2013 version on the Nuerburgring.

“I am not the developer of this sport and I am not setting the business plan and the targets but clearly you can see the places we are going and the new venues we are going,” he added, saying the choices have been “money driven”.

“It is a shame losing out on Germany, it would be a shame losing out on Spa, it would be a shame losing out on Spain, which there was a lot of talk about … if those countries aren’t ready to pay the high entry fees anymore then they will fall off that list and that would be a shame,” he added.

“Some races you think would have a guarantee, Silverstone, Monza, but I don’t know, but it would be great if Germany was back on the calendar but I doubt it.”

Vettel additionally has some conventional leanings with regards to F1’s selections within the United States.

The sport has a purpose-built circuit in Austin, Texas, however Miami and subsequent 12 months’s newcomer Las Vegas are momentary tracks in city centres.

“I think the U.S. has fantastic race circuits with incredible history,” mentioned Vettel.

“Certainly the money that was spent to build this (Miami) could easily have brought the standard up in great places like Road America,” mentioned the German, referring to the monitor in Wisconsin.

“From a driving perspective I believe that will be a lot extra thrilling, from the fan perspective that’s tough for me to guage as a result of the final time I sat within the grandstand to look at a race was in 2001, a very long time in the past, and each fan is totally different.

“But from a racing and driving thrill I’d love to go to proper tracks.”

Vettel fears he won't race a German GP again

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