Urgent.. President Sisi sponsors the treatment of the artist Fatima Koshary

The artist, Mostafa Darwish, announced that President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi took care of the treatment of the artist, Fatima Koshary, after she suffered a medical error, which was that she forgot the medical gauze in her stomach.

Mustafa wrote, through his personal account on the “Facebook” website, “Thank you, Mr. President of the Republic, for sponsoring the entire treatment of Fatima Koshary and transferring her to a private hospital.”

It is worth mentioning that Fatima Koshary underwent a hernia operation 3 months ago, and 4 days after the surgery, she felt severe pain and soreness similar to a tumor next to the operation site, to undergo another operation at another doctor, and discover that the doctor forgot a medical gauze inside her that caused her this suffering.

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Written by Techbondhu

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