Urgent communication against an Egyptian artist because of the Renaissance Dam


Egyptian lawyer Samir Sabry submitted an urgent complaint to the Public Prosecutor and the Supreme State Security Prosecution against the artist, Iman Al-Bahr Darwish, accusing him of “inciting chaos and inciting confusion and public opinion.”

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Egypt warns Ethiopia against any unilateral measures in the Renaissance Dam crisis

In his statement, Sabri said that Iman al-Bahr Darwish attacked on his personal page the state’s handling of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam crisis, considering that what was mentioned in the publication he wrote were phrases that cause chaos in the country.

Singer Iman Al-Bahr Darwish sparked a storm of controversy on social media after a publication that addressed his opinion on the Renaissance Dam issue, calling for the use of military force to resolve the file.

Iman Al-Bahr Darwish used sharp words and expressions to express his opinion on the Al-Nahsa Dam file, which brought him criticism and attacks from the pioneers of social networking sites and some media professionals.

The journalist and journalist, Muhammad Al-Baz, wrote on his Facebook account: “What is the problem with the belief of Al-Bahr Darwish? Since when, on the idea and belief of Al-Bahr Darwish, he lost his technical validity, and from time on he also lost his mental validity.”

He added: “And for a long time, too, he tries to go around in any way he prefers to be under the spotlight, and almost when there is no point in attacking his fellow artists, he said, we will attack the president and the army.”

He continued: “Iman Al-Bahr Darwish wrote empty words like his brain on the issue of the Renaissance Dam, and if you told me that we are promoting his words and letting people read them, I will tell you that there is no problem, I hope people read his words to make sure that he is living in time.”

During his program “Bel Paper and Pen”, the journalist Nashat Al-Daihi criticized the statements of Iman Al-Bahr Darwish and said: “Iman Al-Bahr Darwish is a worker who talks about desalinating sea water and makes fun of, he is a man, an artist, a great singer or not a great one.

Source: Egyptian media

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