Ung & Yeonsoo are ‘back’


Our Beloved Summer is clearly making the most emotional series of the year and we as viewers are living and loving each moment of Yeon Soo and Choi Ung on screen. After a really emotional and probably the happiest of the lot, episode 11, check the time and preview of ‘Our Beloved Summer’ episode 12 here.

With the SBS series nearing its end, ‘Our Beloved Summer’ is gaining more popularity by the minute. According to the latest Good Data chart, ‘Our Beloved Summer’ is the top buzz-worthy drama of the week.

Along with Netflix’s drama’s high ranking, the most swoon-worthy cast of the season, Kim Dami and Choi Wooshik also ranked high in the Most Buzzworthy drama actors list standing at 3rd and 4th respectively.

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Our Beloved Summer episode 12 still cut (SBS Drama Instagram/ SBS/ Netflix/ Our Beloved Summer)

Our Beloved Summer episode 12, international airtime explained

Episode 12 of Our Beloved Summer will be airing on SBS on January 11th at 10 PM KST/ 8 AM ET. The drama will be available on Netflix approximately within 2 hours of its original release.

Check the international release schedule of Netflix ‘Our Beloved Summer’ below.

Central Time: January 11, 8.30 AM Central Time (CT)
Eastern Time: January 11, 9.30 AM, Eastern Time (ET)
Pacific Time: January 11, 6.30 AM, Pacific Time (PT)
European Time: January 11, 3.30 PM Central European Time (CET)
British Time: January 11, 2.30 PM GMT
Indian Time: January 11, 8 PM, Indian Standard Time (IST)
Japan Time: January 11, 11.30 PM, in Tokyo, Japan
Australian Time: January 11, 12 AM Australian Central Standard Time (ACST)
Thailand Time: January 11, 9.30 PM in Bangkok, Thailand
Philippines Time: January 11, 10.30 PM

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Preview of ‘Our Beloved Summer’ episode 12

Our Beloved Summer episode 12 pre-released cuts are giving viewers what they wanted for so long! At the end of episode 11, Yeon Soo gets to know a secret that Ung kept for so long along with Choi Ung’s straight confession to never stop loving him.

Now that the couple are back to show their true feelings to each other, a preview clip of episode 12 shows that Ung was waiting for Yeon Soo right outside her house.

Once she comes out, the usual bickering starts where Yeonsoo was pointing out how Ung should really take care of himself.

The clip ends with the two sharing a romantic moment, constituting how both are feeling butterflies in their stomachs.

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In another preview, Yeonsoo wonders how much Ung has changed and if she has to walk on eggshells around him. Kim Ji Ung consoles NJ about having the oh-so-famous one-sided crush and how it gradually turns easier to bear.

With Ung finally opening up about his past and sharing his fear of abandonment with Yeon Soo, the drama comes full-circle as the two will start their healing journey from the past wounds and embark on a new but familiar beginning.

Check the full preview below.

Can’t wait for ‘Our Beloved Summer’ episode 12? Watch the series on SBS on January 11th at 10 PM KST/ 8 AM EST and later on Netflix.

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