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‘Uncharted 5’ Release Date, Is It Under Development?

Ever since the release of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, fans all around the globe have been wondering if there will be Uncharted 5 and if yes, then what is the release date for the 5th part of the Uncharted series. Undoubtedly, Uncharted is one of the most successful game franchises for Sony PlayStation. The American game developers Naughty dog developed the game, whereas Sony published it as an exclusive console. The first game was released in 2007 for PS3, and it received a lot of praises from gamers and critics.

The story of Uncharted revolved around Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter, and thief who travels around the globe in search of priceless treasures, which are even considered a myth. On this journey, we have Nathan making good friends and some dangerous foes. Then he also faced some betrayals and even found out about his elder brother, Sam, being alive. The game also provided some over-the-top graphics and not to forget the story and gameplay. The game has a huge fanbase because of the gameplay, where you need to strategize to overcome obstacles as you are an average human with guns and sometimes have to take on an entire army. Because of so many factors, it is one of the most popular games. In this article, we will look at Uncharted 5.

Will there be any Uncharted 5?

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, the name itself suggests it is like a conclusion or a story’s final chapter. Indeed, this game was goodbye for the main character, Nathan Drake. After his last adventure, Nathan gave up going on adventures and started a salvage company with his wife, Elena. The two were living a peaceful life and had a daughter named Cassie Drake. This was a perfect ending for Nathan, and we all felt there was no more need for him to wear the boots again.

Chloe Frazer from Uncharted: Lost Legacy.

With the final game, most of the fans thought this is it, no more Uncharted game. However, then came Uncharted: Lost Legacy, which shocked everyone. The fans thought this game was a sequel to Uncharted 4. However, many fans were happy but didn’t want to see Nathan being an adventurer again after getting such a peaceful goodbye in the last game. However, this game didn’t have Nathan. Instead, it featured his ex-girlfriend and partner, Chloe Frazer, who’s in India to find the legendary tusk of Lord Ganesha. This title also received positive reviews. But this game wasn’t a sequel. Instead, it was standalone or a spin-off of the main story.

There are no official statements about Uncharted 5. However, there is no denial, too, that there won’t be any. Because an Uncharted live-action is under production, and it will release in 2022. Further, it will cast the Spiderman actor, Tom Holland, as the protagonist Nathan Drake. However, Holland might be too young for playing the adventurer, but this story is not a sequel to the game’s plot but a prequel, telling the story of how Nathan became the infamous treasure hunter. Thus, a movie might be a great idea to boost a game’s popularity, and also, it would make sense for another installment in the game’s franchise after the movie. There have been rumors recently surrounding an Uncharted game is under development. However, it’s still unclear whether it would be a sequel or a stand-alone like Lost Legacy.

What can we expect from an Uncharted sequel?

Instead of coming up with part 5 for Uncharted, they have other ways to continue the events of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The developers can opt for Samuel, the other Drake, as the protagonist for a sequel. However, fans might prefer him as a supporting character more than the main playable character. But we can’t say anything, as it might turn out into a great idea. There is another option, Chloe Frazer. As the main character in a game has already received praises and it is magnificent to see more of Frazer and her adventures. But both Sam and Chloe would be bad for long runs, as both are in their 40s, and soon they might also want an exit door. Therefore, they can’t have a long run as a protagonist.

Cassie Drake, Nathan’s daughter.

However, Uncharted 4 has the answer for the next protagonist for the series as it introduced us to Cassie Drake, the daughter of Nathan and Elena. In the game’s epilogue, we witnessed that Cassie also inherited the skills and passion for being a treasure hunter like her parents as we saw Nathan kept his life as an adventure a secret from her daughter. However, Cassie finds out the secret and confronts her father. Even Nathan tells her about his past. Therefore, the stories might spark a flame in Cassie to be an adventurer, like her father.

In the next game, we might see Cassie as the main protagonist, and she might set on an adventure to make a name for herself. Many games nowadays follow this concept of continuing the story with the protagonist’s child. Like we saw in Last of Us 2, Ellie takes on the main character’s mantle from her adoptive father, Joel Miller. Also, Resident Evil 8: Village set a similar concept in the epilogue. It suggested we might see Ethan’s daughter, Rosemary, as the main character in the next Resident Evil title.