Udaariyaan Today’s Latest Episode 15th February 2022 Written Update and Spoilers


Well, undoubtedly Udaariyaan is becoming people’s favorite show and as it has been managing to grip the audience, the makers of the show are as always leaving no stone unturned to make it more captivating to gather its audience. In the previous episode, we watched Tejo is unleashing all of her fans against Jasmine to defeat her and it seems like this time Tejo will prove that she is unbeatable and as she has been bearing everything so this time she will show, what she can do if she has planned.

So the episode begins with, Rupy hexing Jasmin, she gets up and leaves crying. Tejo then calms Rupy down, Rupy then folds her hands and apologizes to Khusbeer. Suddenly everyone hears a noise and then they get to know that Jasmin is now ruining her room by throwing things and breaking them. Amrik rushes to the room and there tries to calm her down saying she should try to control herself. She then asks how dare he insulted her. Then the angry Jasmin says that Tejo would have done this and now she is showing concern for her and perhaps this is all she is doing on Tejo’s order.

Tejo then gets to know about Jasmin’s words about her and gets sad and starts crying. Meanwhile, Fateh comes to her and asks why did she come back here because they just can’t meet this way, she then cries more, he then says that they should stay away. She then says that just a 22-year-old is making them dance on her fingertips and everyone keeping their lips stuck and even can’t do anything for saving our life and house. She then says him that they have to find some clue for Amrik.


Jasmine then calls Sweety and talks, she then tells her that Amrik has gone out with his dad and everyone is now scared of her. Sweety asks for more, she then tells her that no one broke her made rules and even obeys sincerely, however no matter if they are scared of her but the thing that matters is, everyone is scared of her. Now at this moment no doubt that the show is turning more interesting because everyone is keen to know about Tejo’s next plan and also Jasmin’s forthcoming action. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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