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Tommy Boy Filming Locations: Where Was The Movie Filmed?

Tommy Boy FFilming Locations

1995 comedy classic starring the late Chris Farley and David Spade Tommy Boy filming locations are today’s our focus of attention for this post. Firstly, “Tommy Boy” is the quintessential slacker film. Peter Segal directed it, becoming the first in a series of films he did with former SNL cast members. Secondly, this film tells the story of a totally immature dude who somehow ends up in college and must learn to survive adulthood. After his dad dies, he must learn a few things about life.

Tommy Boy became a cult classic from the golden age of Saturday Night Live cast members. That 1990s cast age of SNL brought us guys of the likes of Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, the late Norm MacDonald and Phil Hartman, Mike Myers, Kevin Nealon, and Victoria Jackson. It was a good time for comedy, movies, and productions in general. And Tommy Boy was no exception. Now jump with us here at Otakukart as we share with you some details behind this production.

Tommy Boy Filming Locations

American film Tommy Boy by Peter Segal’s photography took place primarily between the American Midwest and Canada. Let’s break that up because that’s a big territory. As for Canada, some of the takes that took place on a campus of a university are from the University of Toronto. More specifically, the St. George Campus at Ontario. Moreover, several scenes were filmed at Brampton, Ontario, and Hart House, at St. George Campus. Other street scenes took place at Newmarket, Durham, and Port Hope, Ontario.

Now let’s cover the American locations. While most of the photography took place in Ohio, in Sandusky and Marblehead. Some other shots were in sunny California, at El Mirage Dry Lake. The photography began in mid-September 1994 and ended in early December of that same year. Because the movie was a road trip movie, it had to be filmed in different locations.

Tommy Boy Filming Locations

Tommy Boy Plot with Spoilers

After seven years at college, Tommy Callahan III (Chris Farley) barely comes out with a diploma from Marquette University and goes back to his hometown of Sandusky, Ohio. His father, an industrial and widower Tom “Big Tom” Callahan Jr., dies from a sudden coronary during the wedding reception. After the funeral, the bank backs out on promises of a loan for a new brake pad division. And looks for immediate payment of Callahan Auto’s debts. Tommy and Richard pose as flight attendants to get a meeting with Zalinsky, who plans to close Callahan Auto and lay off its workers.

Tommy dresses as a suicide bomber and forces his way back into the board room in front of a live television news crew. Since Beverly is still married to Paul. Her marriage to Big Tom was a cheating one. And therefore never legal. All of Big Tom’s controlling shares belong to Tommy, the rightful heir. Because Tommy doesn’t want to sell the shares, the deal with Zalinsky doesn’t go through from a legal standpoint, and since Tommy still holds Zalinksy’s purchase order, the company is saved.

Tommy Boy Filming Locations

Tommy Boy Cast and Trivia

Chris Farley plays Tommy Callahan in the lead. David Spade plays the co-lead Richard Hayden. A very sexy Bo Derek plays his stepmom, Berverly Barrish. Also, Dan Aykroyd plays Ray Zalinsky. Brian Dennehy plays Big Tom Callahan, Tommy’s dad. Moreover, Rob Lowe plays Tommy’s Stepbrother, but his role goes uncredited. It’s worth noting how Peter Segal’s debut film and his subsequent films paved the way for many more SNL cast member films. And how these films shaped pop culture nowadays. You see, back then, this wasn’t a thing. It was a novelty.

Chris Farley and David Spade did a lot of improvisation in this film. Although the movie was heavily scripted, director Peter Segal allowed the comedians from Saturday Night Live some room for improvisation because the director felt hungry for material. Additionally, the late comedian Chris Farley drove inspiration from another deceased comedian, John Candy for his role in this classic comedy for some of the skits. As for Bo Derek’s role in the film, she was cast in just 48 hours. The movie needed a hot woman for the role, and the producers went through their Rolodex, found her name, gave her agent a call, and in a matter of hours the deal was done.