The secret to a good night’s sleep is putting ice between your breasts, according to TikTok expert


If you wrestle when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, chances are high you’ve tried a honest few cures to attempt to enhance the standard of your slumber.

But one expert has give you a distinctive approach of guaranteeing you’ve got a satisfying snooze – and it includes putting an ice pack between the breasts.

Alan Mendell, aka the Motivational Doc, took to TikTok to reveal the bizarre hack, explaining that putting one thing chilly on the torso helps activate the “vagus nerve”.

“Which helps calm you down,” he added.

“So take an ice pack and put it on your chest.

“This will destress your body and send you off to sleep.”

In writing excessive of the video, he defined “ice between the breasts puts you to sleep”.

He additionally suggested wrapping the ice pack in a fabric, to keep away from any uncomfortable freeze burns, and use for up to quarter-hour.

People rapidly took to the feedback part to have their say on Dr. Mandell’s suggestion.

“This helps my panic attacks and hot flashes 100%,” one individual wrote.

While one other added: “I simply began doing this within the final week and it really works.

“I have struggled getting to sleep since I was 12. Thank you.”

“I love sleeping cold, I HATE being hot when i sleep. I’m trying this,” a third wrote.

“I put an ice pack on my throat when I’m nauseous,” one other remark learn.

Others insisted they have been lower than satisfied by the hack, with one writing: “Did it 3 nights in a row…DID NOT WORK.”

“Doesn’t work for those who are always extremely cold,” another person added.

This article initially appeared on The Sun and was reproduced right here with permission.

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