The real hero of the movie Al-Mamar…The death of “Abu Manuna” in North Sinai

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Thursday 10 June 2021

North Sinai – Ashraf Sweilem:

Today, Thursday, one of the symbols of the Sawarka tribe in North Sinai, Ouda Hassan Odeh Salah Abu Manuna, the true hero of the movie Al-Mamar, died at the age of 80, after a struggle with illness.

The late was born in December 1941, and he is the son of one of 7 male and 5 female siblings of Sheikh Hassan Abu Manuna, the sheikh of the “Salamien” clan, one of the Al-Sawarka clans in Al-Arish.

He belongs to the Abu Manuna family, one of the families of the “Al Salamyin” clan, the Sawarka tribe, and he spent the period confined to bed, captive of a stroke that made him unable to speak.

The hero, in turn, among the championships of the people of Sinai against the Israeli occupation, carried out special commando operations preserved in the records of the championships of the sons of the homeland.

His beginning was in the late fifties by joining the armed forces as a regular recruit, and he was chosen to participate in the Yemen war, and when his family migrated to the island of Saud in the east after the occupation of Sinai, he was chosen to be part of the Sinai Arab Organization, which was formed from the people of Sinai as cells resisting the Israeli occupation of Sinai.

During this period, he played a number of important heroic roles, as some of them came in the movie Al-Mamar, a small side of them; Including the flotation of camels from the west to the east of the canal to reach the second mainland, carrying combat equipment to be delivered to those charged with carrying out combat missions against the enemy, as well as crossing the berm and carrying out qualitative tasks between gathering information and others.

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