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The state institution of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is trying to prosecute the former deputy head of the Investigation Department, Alexander Krakovsky, who has become a defendant in the criminal case, for the debt of his general’s jacket. The amount of claims is 84 thousand rubles.

Alexander Krakovsky

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An institution subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs has filed a lawsuit against the former deputy head of the Ministry’s Research Department, Alexander Krakovsky, found RBC. The statement of the FKU “Main center of administrative, economic and transport support of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation” (GCAHiTO Ministry of Internal Affairs) was registered in the court of Tushino on May 28, June 17, a conversation is scheduled on the claim.

As indicated in the card on the portal of the Moscow City Court, the dispute relates to “compensation for damage caused in the performance of work duties in accordance with the requirements of employers.” The verdict on the acceptance of the claim for production specifies that it is a matter of “income from debt for personal property with an unused period of wear and tear.”

The subject of the dispute is “incomplete accurate general jacket “Krakowski, the amount of the claim is about 80 thousand rubles, his lawyer Nikolai Ushakov explained to RBC.” The socks did not come out in time, he had to return it. But how would he bring her back if he was arrested? “- explained the lawyer. The Major General’s representative could not comment on the details of the claim (including explaining what constitutes the sum of the claims), as he was not yet familiar with the document.” Krakowski did not receive a claim in the pre-trial His wife can’t get it in the post office because Krakowski himself to this day was arrested. said the lawyer. “If now the case turns out otherwise, the Interior Ministry may have to withdraw its claims and return him to service,” Ushakov acknowledged.

In the Tushino court, RBC confirmed that “the plaintiff is asking for money to be recovered for the uniforms.” “About what specific personal belongings we are talking about, there is no indication, but the amount is indicated in the amount of 84 037 rubles. 08 kopecks.”, – said the press secretary of the agency.

The General Administration of the MI for the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not answer questions about the essence of the claim. “These issues have nothing to do with RBC, goodbye,” the institution’s legal department said. RBC sent a request to the Home Office.

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