The Divorce Settlement Of Amanda Cronin Divorce With Millionaire Ex Husband Mark Daeche Is Making Her Fans Curious


Amanda Cronin is rumored to get quite a hefty amount as an outcome of the divorce settlement with ex-husband Mark Daeche.

Amanda Cronin is a business mogul, model, philanthropist, property developer, and multi-millionairess who was once head over heels with Daeche.

Amanda’s show “The Millionairess and Me” has aired on Channel 4 on 14 February 2022 on Valentine’s Day.

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Millionaire Amanda Cronin Divorce And Settlement With Ex Husband Mark Daeche

Millionaire Amanda Cronin ended up getting a large amount from divorce settlement with ex-husband Mark Daeche.

Mark who was the founder of First Utility had to pay a huge sum of money per their divorce agreement.

Amanda is also said to be keeping the £250,000 engagement ring despite the fact that they were diving assets.


Even though the actual amount is not disclosed in the public, sources claim Mark paid her more than enough to live a lavish lifestyle without ever working.

Mark along with two others sold First utility for an estimated £230m to Royal Dutch Shell.

He is an energy tycoon who has founded various businesses, including First Telecom, where he was Vice-Chairman before its sale to Atlantic Telecom in 2000.

The First utility was then renamed Shell Energy Retail Limited. It functioned as a mediator to purchase wholesale energy on the global market.

How Much Is Amanda Cronin Net Worth In 2022 

Amanda Cronin’s net worth as of 2022 is around £22 to £30 million. She earns millions from her skincare brand named Amanda Caroline Skincare which sells serums and creams to fight the visible signs of aging.

She has a lavish home of £12 million Mayfair home and a £10 million jewelry collection. 

Further, Amanda bought a mansion in Belgravia near her home and she is going to renovate it and sell it for £11 million.

She also rides in a £250 thousand Bentley and has an £80 thousand bathtub installed in her home.

She also worked as a model where she was given the title of the longest leg in Belgravia.

Moreover her show “The Millionairess and Me” will earn her millions of net.

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Who Is Amanda Cronin Best Buddy Martin Reed?

Amanda Cronin’s best buddy Martin Reed is a documentary filmmaker. When Amanda met Martin, immediately there was an instant bond of friendship formed.

Then friendship resulted in creating a new Channel 4 documentary The Millionairess and Me.

Martin first met Amanda after she commissioned a £2,000 hand-painted bag, with a picture of her dog, from his friend, Gina.

The duo’s first phone call lasted three hours and he later revealed he fell in love with her character.

Amanda then invited Martin for dinner as they spent time, they realized they had a lot in common.

They say that they enjoyed each other’s company and can laugh and joke like besties.

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