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The Chestnut Man Ending, Explained

Danish unique Netflix thriller thriller drama ‘The Chestnut Man’ (Original title: ‘Kastanjemanden’) packs an intricate internet of thriller to carry out the interior detective in you. Directed by Kasper Barfoed and Mikkel Serup, this present makes you paranoid sufficient to assume that there’s a serial killer in everybody. Still, behind the obvious thriller veil, the story can be about household, individuals coming to phrases with trauma, and oldsters making an attempt their finest to know their youngsters. Based on the eponymous novel by Soren Sveistrup, the whodunit thriller revolves round a menacing serial killer who goes by the titular identify.

Prolific native detective Naia Thulin groups up with Europol veteran Hess to unravel the sequence of murders that robbed residents of their sleep. In a separate story arc, Rosa Hartung, the Minister of Social Affairs, goes again to her workplace a yr after the seeming dying of her daughter Kristine. Kristine’s physique has not been discovered, and it has undoubtedly been traumatic for Rosa. The interlinked story arcs collide in a devastating revelation, and we understand that the risk typically lurks nearer to house. If you wish to revisit the story’s remaining moments, allow us to break it down for you. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Chestnut Man Season 1 Recap

The story begins on the island of Mon in 1987, as detective Marius attends a area go to. He discovers three lifeless our bodies in the home: the mom, the daddy, and the son. There can be one other badly injured boy. There stays no hint of the foster woman Astrid till Marius heads to the dungeon within the basement. He calls in different officers however is killed on the scene by an invisible assailant.

The story takes us to the current day, the place area murder detective Naia Thulin is assigned a specific case for her experience within the area. She groups up with annoying however persuasive detective Hess, who’s in detention from his responsibility at Europol. On the orders of their superior Nylander, the detectives head to Husum to search out the corpse of Laura Kjaer. She was overwhelmed to dying, and one among her limbs has been eliminated by an digital noticed. Hess discovers a chestnut figurine close to the crime scene, and that is the place it will get attention-grabbing.

The print discovered on the figurine is that of Kristine Hartung, the daughter of Rosa Hartung. On the identical day because the crime — December 6 — Rosa goes again to her workplace (a yr after the seeming dying of her daughter). Although the case has been drawn to an in depth with the arrest of medical schizophrenic Linus Bekker, the police have been unable to search out the physique of Kristine.

With the clean house, the household seemingly needed to undergo so much for the previous yr, and whereas Rosa has the sympathy of her vote financial institution for the tragedy, her marriage with Steen is cracking on the seams. Moreover, Rosa has obtained a dying risk in her official emails. Disregarding Nylander’s orders, Hess and Thulin head to the home of Rosa to filter the confusion. While the invention of Kristine’s fingerprint instills some hope in Steen, the couple can’t assist the detectives rather more than clarifying that Kristine used to promote the collectible figurines together with her finest good friend Mathilde throughout the season.

The police primarily suspect Laura’s ex-husband within the homicide, however he leaves with an alibi. With the homicide of Anne Sejer-Lassen at Klampenborg, the thriller additional muddies. There is a transparent sample with the victims – each are overwhelmed to dying, each have blackened eyes and limbs minimize, each are single moms, and each of them obtained a name from little one protecting companies because of an nameless tip – indicating the identical particular person carries out each the murders. Moreover, the phrases of the 2 letters are similar, and the detectives assume possibly in the event that they take a look at the unresolved complaints despatched to little one protecting companies, they will anticipate the killer’s subsequent transfer.

The Chestnut Man Season 1 Ending: Is Kristine Dead or Alive?

We have no idea for positive whether or not Kristine is lifeless, and this can be a query that retains the viewers hooked proper from the start. Kristine is the connecting dot of the sprawling thriller story, and though she has been declared lifeless by the police, Steen and Rosa assume that their daughter should still be alive. There are good causes for them pondering that method since Kristine’s physique was by no means found.

After discovering Kristine’s fingerprints, Steen will get excited on the risk and takes the previous papers out of the field. His investigation is put to relaxation by gentle protests from Rosa since they nonetheless have a son to guard. But after two deaths, the figurine hyperlink comes out within the media, and Steen agrees to take a seat for an interview. Although Steen has not consulted Rosa, she is as determined as her husband to get closure, and she or he locations her household earlier than her political profession.

In the meantime, the detectives come round to see whether or not she has any enemies and, brushing up her reminiscence, Rosa remembers a case involving Skans, a nurse on the nationwide hospital. Rosa’s negligence to comply with up a criticism led to the destruction of Skans’ household, and she or he could have held a grudge towards Rosa for a very long time. Coincidentally, the police additionally come to know that the nurse’s boyfriend is none aside from Rasouli, the driving force of Rosa.

With the invention, Rosa additionally finds that Steen has left their son within the custody of Rasouli for tennis classes. We see Rasouli and Skans taking Rosa’s son Gustav to a discreet location, and Skans even thinks of assailing the kid, however Rasouli dissuades her. However, on the cue, they see a automobile stopping by the woods. And the following factor we all know, Rasouli and Skans are lifeless. The homicide instances are drawn to a hasty conclusion with the invention, however we get no information of Kristine.

When the viewers has given up hope, we discover the whereabouts of Kristine. Genz lures Rosa into his entice for a devastating finale, promising to present her some information relating to Kristine. While he doesn’t say something about Kristine earlier than passing away, the police raid the house of Astrid and uncover Kristine, who continues to be alive, a lot to her mother and father’ astonishments.

Who Is The Killer? What Is His Motive?

There ought to have been a query about Genz’s remaining destiny, however we have now already established that he’s lifeless. Genz is the police’s forensics division’s head, and he comes off because the central villain within the whodunit thriller. In the ultimate second, we get to know that Genz stands out as the serial killer everyone seems to be on the lookout for. The photographs Hess receives from the archiver sends him to the island of Mon, the place a damning discovery awaits him. Speaking to John Brink, the case officer assigned to the homicide of the household on the island in 1987, Hess realizes that the foster son could have had one thing to do with the killings.

Brink initially thought the murders to be carried out by the household’s patriarch, however the discovery brings pertinent fact into the sunshine. Brink can’t keep in mind the identify of the foster boy, however his sister’s daughter went to the identical class because the foster youngsters. Speaking to the sister, Hess finds the identify of the boy – Toke Bering. The girl appears to be like for the category yearbook, however within the meantime, Hess finds the reunion photograph of Toke on the wall. As the digicam zooms into the image, we understand that it’s none aside from Genz.

Genz being the serial killer is sensible, too, since his place within the police would work as an ideal decoy for his heinous crimes. The troubled foster siblings had been initially taken in by Rosa’s mother and father, Paul and Kristine Peterson, in 1985. However, Rosa’s mendacity to her mother and father resulted within the foster youngsters being despatched out of the house and onto the following, perverted set of fogeys. The incident seemingly has an enduring impact on Genz (Toke), and thus he holds a grudge towards Rosa and oldsters (particularly moms) who neglect their youngsters. Thankfully, he doesn’t kill Kristine, as she doesn’t match the demography of his victims.

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