The best 5 letter words for Wordle with lots of vowels


If you haven’t heard of Wordle, where have you been?

The new word game has been taking the internet by storm, and the whole world seems to be obsessed with it.

Launched by Brooklyn-based software engineer Josh Wardle, the free online word game sees users try to guess a five letter word in six attempts.

A new puzzle gets released every day, and players around the world are all competing to try and guess the same word with the least number of tries.

If you get a letter in the right place, the tile will turn green. However, if it turns yellow, that means the letter is in the word but in another position.

The best way to win is to start with a word that has lots of vowels. Here are some to choose from…

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It’s important to get the vowels

One technique that Wordle players have discovered is to choose a starting word that contains lots of vowels.

Almost every word contains at least one vowel, and many words contain more than one vowel. So, it makes sense to get these first.

If you can’t remember, the vowels are A, E, I, O and U.

In Wordle, the word you’re trying to guess will only ever be five letters long, so nailing those vowels in your first guess can be the key to success.

Once you’ve got the vowels in the right place, adding in the other letters can actually be quite easy.

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5 letter words with lots of vowels

Here is a list of five letter words that have lots of vowels in them.

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Against the Ice | Official Trailer





Tips to win the game

If you want to guess the word in six tries, here are some tips.

We already covered this one, but choose words with lots of vowels.
Use normal words, don’t think too obscure as it’s unlikely to be the answer.
Only use real words, Wordle won’t let you type in a random selection of letters.
Don’t just guess words that fit the correct letters, type words to eliminate other letters first.
Remember that letters can appear twice in the same word.
The best first words have three vowels and five different letters, like ‘Adieu’.
Try not to reuse grey letters, it’s just a waste of a guess.

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