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Team Fortress 3: Release Date & Everything We Know

Team Fortress 3

In this article, we will talk about Team Fortress 3. Team Fortress player base is raring to see the new outing in the series and learn more about the upcoming third installment in the franchise. This article will try to go into details of what is known about the new Team Fortress game. Team Fortress 2 the second game in the franchise was launched way back in 2007, and the avid gamers have been waiting for the sequel for some time now. Valve, the company that is behind the franchise, has done a good job maintaining a good player base and updating the game. But the players are now demanding a sequel, and updating the old game would not suffice with the army of gamers and player base.

Although some rumors have been revolving around the new installment in the franchise that is Team Fortress 3, which is unofficial and unannounced yet. Valve is not anything get from their hands, and the details can be only gathered by some leaks and speculation regarding this new outing. Although there is some info to get the topic started. To clear the air, as of now, there is no official statement regarding any of the details about Team Fortress 3 by the amazing Gabe Newell. There are no new details about the success of this classic shooter. The information that is garnered and presented in the article is from the web and some of the speculations. Although given the history of valve, they particularly don’t like the count of 3 based on their past gaming franchisees.

How was the Team Fortress 2?

Team Fortress 2 is a first-person shooter with a multiplayer theme. The game was developed and published by Valve. The game was a sequel for the Quake mod Team Fortress released back in 1996 and the remake in 1999 titled Team Fortress Classic. The game was released back in 2007 in October and was a part of The Orange Box for Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. The game was also ported to PlayStation 3 in December of 2007. The game standalone version was also released the next year in April of 2008, and the game was updated for Mac OS X support in June 2010 and Linux in February 2013. The game was distributed to PC users through Steam.

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 was praised by many critics and gamers for its unique gameplay, humorous acting, direction, and art. The character usage was on point. Valve, although the game being old, continues to update the game and release new content depending on the seasonal basis. The update read made according to the suggestion of the Steam workshop. The game became free to play in the year 2011 and also supported microtransaction too. Players also received drops in-game, and equipment and items were given too. The game unofficially had a competitive match, but the game began its official competitive play after this via ranked matchmaking in July of 2016.

What will be the New Classes and release date of Team Fortress 3?

According to some reports that surface, the new sequel to the popular game franchise that goes by the name of Team Fortress 3 will have three classes when launched, and three others that will be incorporated in the game at the; later stage or be included in and DLC. Although the reports claim only the number and the names and other details about the classes are unknown. However, one class that is Medic will no longer be able to regenerate health. Medics s are supposedly, according to reports, have gained the ability to carry items that can heal themselves. Another report suggested that the Civilian class that was featured in the original Team Fortress will be featured in Team Fortress 3.

Team Fortress 3 classes

Although if the user or people reading this article think that the info is insufficient, then it is what we have up until now was a there were little to no reports suggesting anything about the third installment in the franchise. However, a report from the fandom page of the game suggested that the release date might be January 5th, 2020, but this was false, and there was no official statement by the Valve team. The game is supposed to be free to play title and primarily be made available for PC users firstly and then might be released for console users in the future.

What About the old microtransactions that players did in Team Fortress 2?

A Team fortress gave players to do microtransaction with cosmetics and player models. Mentioning the economy of the predecessor Team Fortress 2 is necessary when it comes to releasing Team Fortress 3.  The Player wondered what would happen to the hats, taunts, weapons, killstreak weapons if a sequel was to be made. One option that Team fortress might do is follow Overwatch and bring the entire collection. Although there is speculation that the board might be wiped off and started on fresh. By starting with no add-ins and simply and gradually adding items from the previous game. Buying loot boxes and brand new effects and versions that are updated of classics.

Team Fortress

Cleaning off the slate and start fresh is probably the best idea for proceeding as it will give the player an equal base, and no one will gain an unfair advantage over the other player. This will also keep the old economy stable. It is true as Valve has not been able to keep the currency very stable. As of now, gamers and we too are hoping that Team Fortress 3 develop, although the developers might be satisfied with the currency generation through the present games.