Sustainable packaging from fungi, fruit waste


It doesn’t really feel like Christmas if you don’t rip right into a properly wrapped present or plastic-wrapped hampers on the festive morning.

But fairly wrapping paper and one-time use plastic packaging are worsening the problem of waste.

It can be excellent to forgo wrapping paper fully, or reuse newspapers or tough paper as an alternative. Gifts might be positioned in reusable baggage.

At the identical time, sustainable and biodegradable packaging supplies are on the rise.

For occasion, the hardy underground root community of mushroom – known as mycelium – might be grown into natural waste equivalent to leaves, used espresso grounds, or spent barley grains – forming a fused mass.

Using moulds, the mass might be set into numerous strong shapes and used as packaging elements to switch styrofoam, for instance.

Local mycological design studio Bewilder has been creating cube-like protecting corners utilizing the mycelium-based supplies, to switch styrofoam corners generally used to guard digital tools like printers and laptops. Mycology refers back to the research of fungi.

The mycelium-based corners will decompose in three weeks.

Bewilder additionally shapes the fungi-based supplies into globes, to switch foam peanuts.

Recently, researchers from Nanyang Technological University’s Food Science and Technology Programme, led by its director William Chen, created three kinds of paper-like materials by individually fermenting fruit waste and soya waste, known as okara.

The fermentation course of helps to pay attention the fibre and cellulose from the meals waste that grow to be the principle elements of the paper. The fruit waste contains durian rinds and fruit peels.

The paper-like supplies can be utilized as packaging supplies, together with packing containers, meals containers and cups.

In the close to future, chances are you’ll be holding a slice of log cake in a container fabricated from durian husks, or a glass decoration in a mycelium-based casing.

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