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Summary and highlights of Cleveland Indians 2-7 Kansas City Royals IN MLB

The Kansas City Royals beat the Cleveland Indians 2-7 at home to earn their 68th victory.

Top 7

In the last top, both teams end in a draw.

Top 6

Guimenez is the Clevenland Indians’ leading hitter.

Top 5

Cleveland Indians cut the lead. 



Top 5

The Top is over; with an advantage for the Kansas City Royals 

Top 5

Cleveland Indians change pitcher, now the pitcher is Mejia;

Top 5

Perez with a good at bat increases the distance for the Kansas City Royals.

Top 5

Mckenzie continues to pitch for the Kansas City Royals 

Top 5

Ximenez will be in charge of batting

Top 5

Singer pitching for the Kansas City Royals

4rd Top

The third top ended in a scoreless draw between the two teams.

3rd Bot

The Kansas City Royals increase the lead to 4-0.

2nd Bot

The Kansas City Royals take a 2-0 lead.

1st Bot

In the first Bot, both teams drew 0-0.

The game started

Cleveland Indians start Straw, Zimmer, Ramirez, Reyes, Bradley, Miller, Gímenez, Hedges and Mercado. While the Kansas City Royals start with. Merrifield, Lopez, Perez, Benintendi, Santana, Mondesi, Taylor, O´Hearn, Dozier.

Where and how to watch Cleveland Indians vs Kansas City Royals ?

The game will be played at 17:10 ET. time and can be seen on MLB TBV.

However,  a good option is to follow it through VAVEL. com.

What time is the Cleveland Indians vs Kansas City Royals?

This is the kickoff time for they Cleveland Indians vs Kansas City Royals match on September 20 in several countries:

Argentina: 17:10 AM
Bolivia: 17:10 AM
Brazil: 18:10 AM
Chile: 17:10 AM
Colombia: 16:10 AM
Ecuador: 16:10 AM
USA (ET): 17:10 AM
Spain: 23:10 PM
Mexico: 16:10 AM
Paraguay: 17:10 AM
Peru: 17:10 AM
Uruguay: 17:10 AM
Venezuela: 17:10 AM
England : 22.10 AM
Australia : 07:10 AM
India: 02:40 AM


The Cleveland Indians will be without Bieber due to a shoulder injury, Naylor due to ankle discomfort and Ramos due to a knee injury. More casualties will be felt by the Servais-led team that will be without: Hann, Junnis, Keller, Lovelady, Marsh and Minor, in addition to having several questionable players. 

How are the Kansas City Royals coming along?

The Kansas City Royals also come in with a win after an 8-1 victory over the Seattle Mariners, giving back the 2-6 loss they received in the first game. The Kansas City Royals have 67 wins and 81 losses this season and are in fourth place in the Central Division. They are a team that is not good at playing well away from home, with a record of 31 wins and 43 losses.

How are the Cleveland Indians doing?

Cleveland is coming off a win over the New York YAnkes after a rematch, having lost 8-0 in the first game. The team has 72 wins and 74 losses and is in ninth place in the standings, but far behind the top teams. They are second in the Central Division and are 14 wins behind the Chicago White Sox, who are in the lead. At home the team has won 36 games and lost 36, so against the Kansas City Royals they will tie;



Two teams that know each other well will meet again 17 days after their last meeting. The Cleveland Indians have won ten consecutive victories over the Kansas City Royals. The Kansas City Royals’ last win came on April 5 of this year.


The game will be played at Pogressive Field, which is located in the city of Cleveland. A baseball stadium that was inaugurated on April 2, 1994 and has a capacity for 3,541 spectators.

Preview of the game

Cleveland Indians and Kansas City Royals will meet in what will be the 146th game for the Cleveland Indians and the 148th for the Kansas City Royals.

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