ST photo exhibition at National Museum eyes climate change, Covid-19


The Straits Times’ exhibition features 32 images and 13 videos that explores the impact of climate change on Singapore. It also showcases how even a small country can do its part to tackle the crisis.

ST photo editor Stephanie Yeow said: “Climate change is a worldwide issue and we are not spared. Our photojournalists, like everyone else, have been grounded at home so there’s no better time to take a closer look at our own backyard, to examine the topics that affect us.”

The ST exhibition will take readers on a journey through Singapore’s wild spaces, such as its mangroves, and highlight how these natural habitats can help protect the shorelines from sea-level rise.

At the same time, visitors will be able to see how Singapore is trying to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels by tapping more renewable energy from the sun – even deploying solar panels on water bodies to overcome its land constraints.

Executive photojournalist Mark Cheong, whose photographs on Singapore’s coastlines will be featured in the display, said strong visuals play an important role in getting people’s attention when it comes to climate change.

He added: “The challenge is translating a rather technical subject into something understandable for readers, and a good way to do so is to work closely with reporters to come up with features that highlight both impacts and solutions of climate change.”

ST climate change editor David Fogarty said the aim of the news outlet’s coverage on climate change is to make the topic resonate with as many people as possible, using multimedia tools.

He added: “From pictures and videos to interactive and fun graphics to comics, we use many ways to reach out to our audiences. We also seek out top scientists and policymakers to explain the key issues on ST’s highly rated Green Pulse podcast.”

Through The Lens exhibition

When: This Saturday (Jan 15) to Feb 6

Where: National Museum of Singapore, Glass Atrium (Level 2) and The Canyon (Basement Level)

• 10am to 7pm, daily

• Admission is free

Organised by The Straits Times

Venue Supporter: National Museum of Singapore

Exhibition Partner: World Press Photo

Logistics Partner: Trinity Global Link

Outreach Partner: Singapore Press Club


Online talks and webinars

The art of communicating climate science

When: Next Wednesday (Jan 19), 12.30pm

Climate change is a topic riddled in jargon, and explaining its causes, impacts and solutions can be technical. But this does not mean that there is no room for creativity.

Hear from ST artists Lee Hup Kheng, Manny Francisco, Billy Ker and Bryandt Lyn on how they interpret climate science and policy through infographics, animations and cartoons; and how they do so in a way that will not compromise on accuracy.

ST environment correspondent Audrey Tan will moderate the session.

Sign up at this website by Jan 18, 6pm. Registration is free.

Connecting the green dots

When: Jan 26, 2.30pm

Climate change and nature are interconnected and a warming world is threatening the rich biodiversity around Singapore. Join Singapore environmental champions Melissa Low, Woo Qiyun and Kong Man Jing as they explain the links between climate and nature and the innovative and fun ways they reach out to people.

This session will be moderated by ST climate change editor David Fogarty.

Sign up here by Jan 25, 6pm. Registration is free

AskST@NLB: Zooming in on climate change

When: Jan 28, 7pm

The images of climate change can be disturbing, from floods to fires, storms to heatwaves. Singapore will not be left untouched and many people are fearful of the future. But there’s hope in the fight against global warming.

ST climate change editor David Fogarty chats with ST photojournalists Mark Cheong and Lim Yaohui about their work on telling the climate change story through photographs and videos.

Catch the video on ST’s Facebook page.

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