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Spaz face reveal

Spaz face reveal is the google search topic to his fans on youtube. Originally Spaz from America is famous for his youtube channel pranking on others. Without the proper content, he began his Youtube channel, for pranking others. But that had turned into a huge success for him, and his channel has become a well-known channel now. 

Who is Spaz?

Spaz is a youtuber from America, who is famous for his Omegle videos. He is popular for his Fornite-videos but now stopped. During November-December 2020, his video coverage reached nearly 150K subscribers. 

Spaz Date  of birth 21st August 
Spaz age 18 years old
Youtube Channel name Spaz
Youtube subscribers More than 300K subscribers

Spaz Age 

Spaz was born on 21st August 2003. So his Spaz age is 18 years old at present. In July 2018, Spaz started to upload his videos on Youtube. He involved himself, in the clan Team Assault for creating the content, later he named that as The Rare Ones. Spaz uploaded his first video naming that as FRIENDS on OMEGLE. This video content has crossed more than 100K views.

Spaz Youtube Real Name  

His real name is unknown yet. In November 2020, he came out from the Rare Ones. Again, he became viral with his video ”Most Offensive Omegle Moments”. This video went viral in November 2020, while the subscribers list increased instantly from 10K to 100K.In his Channel, he mostly imitates as Russian, then he reveals his fake guns to prank his viewers on Omengle. In December 2020, his subscribers on youtube reached more than 300K.

Spaz Face Reveal

Spaz closes his face with the Balaclava face mask, yet he has not revealed his face. But some of the sources tell that the photos given below is real Spaz. We are yet to confirm that he is real Spaz or not. In a video, his expression in sign language to communicate with the deaf girl became more viral. But he usually wears a balaclava face mask, for which people thought him as an undisciplined one. Some get frightened by his look, for which he was called an assault spaz earlier. In his channel, he has nearly more than 35 private videos.Here is one of the Youtube link, that shows his funny video.


Image source – Youtube


Image Source – SVG


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Spaz Face Reveal – FAQ

1. Who is Spaz?

Spaz is a youtuber from America, famous for his Prank videos.

2. Why is Spaz is so popular?

Spaz is popular for prank videos, without showing his face. 

3. How old is Spaz?

Spaz is 18 years old.

4. Does Spaz had revealed his face?

Some of the sources, tag a photo and say it is Spaz. But they are yet to be confirmed. 

5. How many subscribers, does Spaz has on Youtube?

On Youtube, Spaz has more than 300K subscribers.

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