Sisters Sam and Syd K’s “Blood Harmony” Goes Viral on Tiktok


Sister Sam and Syd K get viral with their talent on TikTok as they make duet as Blood Harmony. It sounds much like the name Fifth Harmony, the famous girls singing group but guess what? It’s something similar yet different. Tiktok popularized the sisters, Sam and Syd Kendall as they posted their singing videos.

Tiktok is widely appreciated for showcasing the hidden talent and bringing something new for the fans to watch. But what’s the viral Blood Harmony trend?
Well, read ahead to know about the Blood Harmony that’s going viral with Sam and Syd K.

Viral tiktok Blood Harmony of Sam and Syd K

Tiktok was all unaware of the Blood Harmony trend until Sam K and Syd K introduced it to the TikTok fans. The duo girls known by the name “samkandsydk” are getting millions of views for their viral trend.

The TikTok video of the sisters shows them singing the cover of Keane and Fleetwood Mac under the trend Blood Harmony. Blood Harmony is however not a known term to anyone by now.


Oops we switched sides 🤭

♬ original sound – Sam and Syd Kendall

What’s Blood Harmony all about?

Harmony in the music world means music prepared together with numerous vocalists or instruments. However, the trend going on TikTok is just not Harmony but its Blood Harmony. But what could possibly be Blood Harmony?

Well, the trend of Blood Harmony is when music is sung by siblings or by someone within blood relation. So, the name Blood Harmony.

What’s the popular Blood Harmony by Sam K and Syd K?

Surprisingly, the duo’s sister Sam and Syd were seen singing a cover song under Blood Harmony introducing the trend of Blood Harmony for the first time to the TikTok fans.

Fans quite loved it and gave millions of likes to the video praising both the singing and the Blood Harmony trend. Moreover, the best thing about their viral video was the way both the sisters had sung the song synchronizing themselves.


Sisterly bonding🤩 ft. our awkward swaying at the end

♬ original sound – Sam and Syd Kendall

The song of Sam K and Syd K was perfectly tuned and timed to sound as if it’s sung by only one vocalist. Tiktok hence gave Sam and Syd K a wide platform to trend with Blood Harmony.

Needless to say that fans fell in love with the duo sisters owing to their perfectly synchronized singing on TikTok giving them millions of likes for their every video.

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