Sergey Krikalev has resigned as executive director of manned space programs at Roscosmos

According to “MK”, ​​the decision was made by the leadership of Roscosmos in connection with the violation of corporate ethics by Krikalev

The resounding dismissal took place on Friday, June 11 at Roscosmos. The executive director of manned space programs at Roscosmos, the only cosmonaut in the state corporation, Sergei Krikalev, was removed from his post and transferred to the rank of adviser to the head of the state corporation Dmitry Rogozin.

According to official information given to MK in Roscosmos, Krikalev was fired in connection with the start of the preparation of a projected project for a new domestic orbiting station (Russian Orbital Service Station, ROSS). “A decision was handed over to the people in charge of human space research under the responsibility of the Executive Director of Advanced Programs and Science of the State Corporation” Roscosmos “Alexander Vitalyevich Bloshenko,” says the official statement.

According to information available to MK, Krikalev was fired with the phrase “for violation of corporate ethics” after the Roscosmos supervisory board, which passed two days ago, at which Sergei Konstantinovich spoke with sharp disagreement about one of the management’s decisions.

Help “MK”. Sergei Krikalev is a pilot cosmonaut, Hero of the USSR and Hero of the Russian Federation (one of four people awarded both titles). From October 2005 to June 2015 – Sergei Konstantinovich was the holder of the title of Earth record holder all the time spent in space (803 days for six starts), a new record belongs to Gennady Padalka. He has held the position of Managing Director of Roskosmos pilot programs since March 31, 2016.

Continuation of the theme – in the material “Krikalev’s dismissal was linked to criticism of filming at the ISS”

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