Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday and tore into the Biden administration for making an attempt to silence involved dad and mom through the use of the FBI to crack down on these offended with training directors. 

SEN. JOSH HAWLEY: You can think about some issues FBI brokers might be doing like perhaps going to the border the place now we have an unprecedented surge in crime, of unlawful immigration, of drug smuggling, however no, as a substitute we’re going to go after dad and mom. Can I simply say you realize you’ve misplaced the argument if you’re sending FBI brokers to attempt to silence voting, taxpaying dad and mom, making an attempt to silence them. I can’t consider an occasion in American historical past have been something like this has occurred earlier than. It’s one other first for Joe Biden and it’s a foul one.


Sen. Hawley: Another first for Joe Biden, and it's a bad oneVideo