Sembaruthi Serial Cast, Real Name, Role Name


Sembaruthi Serial Cast

Sembaruthi Serial is one of the most popular serial airing on Zee Tamil. The main Sembaruthi Serial Cast includes V J Agni, Shabana Shajahan and Priya Raman, the director of the serial is Ram Kumaradhas (episodes 1-100), Sulaiman. K. Babu (episodes 101-455), P. Neeravi Pandian (episodes 456-852), M. Shankar A. (episode 853-997) and Manjunathan (episode 998-present). To know more about Sembaruthi Serial Cast refer to the below sections.

Sembaruthi Serial Cast Overview

Serial Name Sembaruthi 
Genre Soap Opera
Directors Ram Kumaradhas, Sulaiman. K. Babu, P. Neeravi Pandian, M. Shankar A. and Manjunathan
Producers Bala Sundaram and Dinesh Ramana
Starring Agni and Sembaruthi    
No of Season  1
No of Episodes  1175 (approx)
Language Tamil     
Streaming Zee Tamil
Original Release 16 October 2017


Sembaruthi Serial Cast (Main Role)

V J Agni Adhitya Akhilandeshwari and Purshothaman’s elder son,

Arun’s brother, Parvati’s husband

Shabana Shajahan Parvathi Parameswaran’s daughter, Sundaram’s adoptive daughter,

Ganesha’s adoptive sister, Adhitya’s wife

Priya Raman Akhilandeshwari Parameswaran’s sister, Purshothaman’s wife Adhitya,

and Arun’s mother

Sembaruthi Serial Cast (Supporting Role)

Oorvambu Lakshmi Vanaja Akilandeshwari’s co-sister
Sanjay Kumar Asrani Purushothaman Akhilandeshwari’s husband
VJ Kathir Arun Akilandeshwari and Purshothaman’s younger son, 

Adhitya’s brother, Aishwarya’s husband

Deepti Kapil  Aishwarya  Arun’s wife
G. M. Kumar Parameswaran Akilandeswari’s brother, Parvathi’s father 
Narasimha Raju  Sundaram Ganesh’s father and Parvathi’s adopted father
Balasivaji Gajendran Akhilandeshwari personal secretary 
Jayanthi Pattamma Servant and Cook
Jenifer  Uma Vanaja’s simpleton niece and Ragu’s wife
VJ Mounika Nandhini Adhi’s ex-fiancée and Mithra’s elder sister
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Sembaruthi Serial Cast – Overview

1. Who is starring in the serial?

The main role in the serial is Agni and Sembaruthi.

2. Who is the director of Sembaruthi Serial?

Sembaruthi directors are Ram Kumaradhas, Sulaiman. K. Babu, P. Neeravi Pandian, M. Shankar A. and Manjunathan.

3. Where to watch Sembaruthi Serial?

You can watch Sembaruthi Serial on Zee Tamil.

4. What is the character name of V J Agni?

V J Agni character name in the serial is Adhitya.

5. What is the character name of Shabana Shajahan?

Shabana Shajahan character name in the serial is Parvathi.

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